MMM: Community, crafts and Christmas

We have lived in our town for seven years – pre-kids, pre-wedding – bought here because we couldn’t afford where we really wanted to live.

It was a bit grotty and the high street a bit unloved, but it did mean we could buy a house with a garden.

Seven years later, I couldn’t love our community more. The children have brought lots of new friends and activities into our lives and on the first Sunday of each month the entire high street becomes one great big street market, called the Feast.

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With food stalls (amazing cakes, organic burgers, pulled pork sandwiches), a retro village selling vintage clothing, toys and books as well as an artisan’s market, it is such a lovely morning out. The kids have a ball. There’s an al fresco toy area, crafting sessions and the library opens for story-time and mask-making. It always takes ages getting around because you bump into everyone you know. Also because you can never decide between a salted caramel and chocolate cake or a Tartiflette. I love it.

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Image: Instagram / Ben Anders
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Image: Instagram / Nessleighanders

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Yesterday’s Feast was the last one until next April, so I headed to the Artisan’s market to find those unique presents for Christmas.

One of the new stall-holders was illustrator Kay Vincent from Ketchup On Everything. I was immediately drawn to the cool children’s prints and bright colours.

Her latest project is an interpretation of an ‘Animal Alphabet’. Each screen-printed by hand, in limited editions of 100, inspiration comes from her collection of 50’s & 60’s children’s story books & vintage picture flash cards. And yes, I purchased.

Image: Ketchup on Everything


£8.50 donkey2sm

It’s always so lovely finding such talented people who live nearby selling their amazing wares.

Here’s to next year, West Norwood Feast.




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