MMM: Mini Mum (Beanie hats)

Last week I received a gorgeous gift for my little girl from a new accessories company called Noughts & Kisses.

Lila's hat from Noughts & Kisses, £25.  (The model wasn't massively forthcoming in her posing unfortunately.)
Lila’s hat from Noughts & Kisses, £25.
(The model wasn’t massively forthcoming in her posing unfortunately.)

Founded by 19-year old (yes really) Jemma Bramley from Liverpool, the brand launched last year with a sell-out collection of floppy fedora hats that she distributed through Facebook. This Winter, Jemma has created a line of beanie hats with fur pom poms – for mum and baby. Brilliant entrepreneurial skills. And the hats are super cute. Check out the collection here.

It is also really similar to one I bought last year from River Island – Lila seems a bit more keen to wear hers if I’m wearing the matching one.

Mine and Lila's matching beanies
Mine and Lila’s matching beanies

There are lots of pom pom beanies out there at the moment – and now Lila and I have got our matching ones, Charlie is really keen to get in on the pom pom action. Apparently his deer-stalker is <so> last season.

Here are some other brilliant beanies for all price points – and ages:




  1. Eugenia Kim
  2. Zara Kids (also available in grey, super yum)
  3. Topshop (also available in burgundy, navy and black)
  4. M&Co
  5. River Island
  6. H&M
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