MMM: Needle, a lovely new knitwear brand

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This year I am more interested than ever in a good jumper. Specifically, I have finally worked out the styles I like.

For example I HATE tight fitting polo necks. I feel claustrophobic, too hot and I just can’t deal with them.

I’ve also had too many run-ins over the years with cheap mohair or angora. Hello moulting.

And don’t even start me on a V-neck knit – no thanks, not now, not ever.

So crew necks are good, a great quality sweatshirt is brilliant (v on trend and also can be worn with everything). And cashmere? Yes please, always and anything.

So I was delighted to find luxe new knitwear brand Needle founded by former LK Bennett knitwear designer Lizzie Cawthray and which launched this Autumn.

'Edinburgh' knit and colour-blocked mittens, Needle It
‘Edinburgh’ knit and colour-blocked mittens, Needle 
Image: Needle


'Capri' knit in blue
‘Capri’ knit in blue, Needle
Image: Needle

With a classic palette and lovely, chic detailing, their knits aren’t the cheapest – but they have a really sophisticated, modern feel.

I really love the ‘Capri’ Breton-style knit  (above) and the chunky grey ‘Florence,’ shown below.

'Florence' knit, Needle It
‘Florence’ knit, Needle 



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