MMM: Lusting after Nike’s latest trainers

Comfort, as I have mentioned before, is King as far as me and shoes are concerned.

As well as a good old mid-heel, I have developed a great love for certain styles in Clarks (the Mary Portas range is ace) as I know you can buy and wear straight away. Imagine that, no breaking them in first.

My daily commute to work involves walking which means sensible flats are go and heels are tucked in my handbag until I get to my desk. But more and more often I am looking for flats that will work for the walk and beyond.

In fact, lots of very stylish people I know are ditching the heels. Check out fellow fashion editor Hannah’s brilliant blog En Brogue, dedicated to every kind of stylish shoe, so long as it’s flat.

The perfect commuter-comfort shoe is of course, the trainer – now no longer only for the gym.

Get the style right and you can wear with pretty much every look – they make a prim midi slightly cooler and can really work with tailored pieces.

But can I really get away with them?

Images: Vogue, Glamour France, SideIssuesTumblr, RockStarHaven
Images: Vogue, Glamour France, SideIssuesTumblr, RockStarHaven

My quest for the ultimate everyday trainer continues.

I am quite partial to plain black Nike Air Max:

Nike Air Max 'Black Sail'
Nike Air Max ‘Black Sail’

But then I saw these on designer Henry Holland’s Instagram:

Image: Instagram/HenryHolland
Image: Instagram/HenryHolland

Obsessed. Nike Air Max 1 in ‘Liquid Silver.’ Also available in gold.

Nike Air Max 1 in 'Liquid Gold'
Nike Air Max 1 in ‘Liquid Gold’

Just out in the US, they’re due here next month.

They might be a bit too bling, but it just shows how far the humble tennis shoe has come.





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    I am all about flats at the moment too! My ankles and legs aren’t quite what they used to be 5 years ago…. I am also on the hunt to pad out my flat shoe options! x

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