MMM: Useful, essential and pretty

Now Autumn is definitely here, vests are an absolute essential. Useful, warm and functional, they are great – but I’ve always struggled to find that perfect design, offering comfort as well as style.

For my daughter, I like punchy brights, I don’t like pastel pinks or cutesy flowers. And with my son – even though he’s no longer in the popper vests – I really hate having to stick to grey or blue. Yawn.

This week I found the PERFECT 5-pack of vests for Lila, from Mamas & Papas.

With gorgeous, bold shades, the long-sleeved vests are the best find ever.

Plus they have the envelope necklines which makes getting dressed slightly easier. You know, considering she won’t stand in one position longer than, oooh, 0.3 seconds.

Instead of boring white, she can rock a yellow vest underneath her short sleeved blue dress. Or show a bit of purple beneath her fuschia cardigan.

I also love the thin stripe vests at Mini Boden, which are a bit more expensive, but would make a great present, especially considering they come in a gorgeous cotton bag.

And for the ultimate in vest chic, Petit Bateau‘s pointelle 7-pack at £58 is another luxe buy.

Here’s how the vest was won. Sorry…

How the vest was won. The best vests in town.
The best vests in town.


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    I love a vest too! Only thing is, Sam is 20 months now and the 18-24 months ones are too small. Does anyone make them in 2-3 yrs size, do you know?

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      Yes because I had the same thing with Charlie! M&S and Next definitely both do popper vests in aged 2-3 and Tesco as well. Until they’re potty trained, vests are perfect!

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    Love the Mini Boden multipack.. super cute!! x

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