MMM: Looks at Superdrug’s latest addition, My Little Star

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When I had my first child I spent months in an organic, purée-making blur where the most expensive things were obviously the best, right?

Wrong. Child number two came along and seems to have done absolutely marvellously on hand-me-downs, slightly soiled toys and having any kind of food* given to her from the age of six-months. (*within reason, obvs).

It’s fair to say I learned the error of my non-thrifty baby ways and with our daughter, we actually tried out the supermarket own-brand versions of expensive things like nappies. And guess what, they are fine!

So I was really interested to try out Superdrug‘s latest addition to their own brands, a baby essentials collection called My Little Star.

My Little Star at Superdrug branding
My Little Star at Superdrug box of goodies
My Little Star at Superdrug box of goodies

Along with essentials including nappies, baby wipes and bath washes, My Little Star also offers new mums everything they will need from pads and nipple cream (not me anymore!) as well as handy stuff like cups and bottles.

Along with some super bargainous prices (99p!), one of the things I’m most impressed with is that everything in the range is 100% cruelty-free. In fact, items like the Baby Wash and Baby Oil are animal free so even suitable for vegans. Everything is paediatrician approved and suitable for newborns – and things like that matter when you’re checking out new products for your VIPs.

I tried out the Baby Top-To-Toe Softwash on my pair – and in the Summer heat, sandpit, garden and paddling pool they definitely needed a scrub at the end of the day.

Baby Top-To-Toe Softwash, 99p, My Little Star at Superdrug
Baby Top-To-Toe Softwash, 99p, My Little Star at Superdrug

A couple of things I was worried about:

1: My little one has been getting bad patches of eczema behind her knees and elbows for a while so I’ve been using Oilatum products in the bath to soothe it.

2: There is quite a high SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) level – a product used to varying degrees in every shampoo and body wash to help the product spread and foam. It has been linked to causing skin and scalp irritation, so it is something to consider with your baby’s products.

But I was impressed. Not only did it get the kids clean, they smelt delicious afterwards too. And Lila’s skin hasn’t been affected at all – in fact, there haven’t been any flare-ups since we started using it.

And at 99p you really can’t go wrong, can you?




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