MMM: Yoni Alter’s lovely wallpaper designs

I stumbled across the work of London-based artist Yoni Alter during a recent wallaper trawl.

A good wallpaper trawl happens quite often at the moment, as I am trying to find the perfect mural / print / thing for Charlie’s room.

Yoni Alter for JW Walls, from £123
Yoni Alter for JW Walls, from £123

Perfect for a boy or girl’s room, this alphabet wallpaper mural print is based on the classic ‘Gill Sans’ font. I love it – amazing colours.

'Lemonade Blasters 2' by Charlie Grant for Yoni Alter / JW Walls
‘Lemonade Blasters 2’ by Charlie Grant  JW Walls

This retro print is brilliant. The end.

'Monkeys' by Yoni Alter for JW Walls
‘Monkeys’ by Yoni Alter for JW Walls

I really love the colours, the proportions  – and the fact you will be singing it for the rest of the day.

All available from JW Walls as a one off custom print to fit your exact wall dimensions and delivered in just 7 working days, from £123.

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    Alison, Not Another Mummy Blog

    WOW. These are seriously cool. (And yes, I now do have 5 Little Monkeys stuck in my head….)

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