MMM: Layer up the knuckledusters (and hello again!)

Sorry for the week-long silence – I’ve been on my holidays!

France, since you ask and no, the weather wasn’t good. In fact, it was the ‘worst weather for June in 200 years.’ Not such great news for the 300 kaftans and four pairs of sandals I took, great news for the ONE cardigan I took with me, which was worn EVERY SINGLE DAY. Massive sad face.

With such cold, rainy days I couldn’t do my usual holiday thing of piling on the bright colours and layered up jewellery. Specifically, rings. Like this:

Layered up rings. A bit hippy, a lot cool
Layered up rings. A bit hippy, a lot cool

But it seems the weather is starting to get a little, erm, Summery here, so I’m going to work the holiday jewellery look anyway.

The key to the layered ring look is to make sure you remember pinkies and midis – and occasionally, your index.

Ways to wear
Ways to wear

Go statement with one or two rings, then add smaller, delicate pieces to other fingers. With the midis, wear one layered on top of another regular ring for maximum effect.

I love Matalan for cheap and cheerful pieces (especially their ‘inspired-by’ Saint Laurent arty ring, check out below) – and for splurge statements take a look at Bill Skinner and Jessica De Lotz.



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