MMM: The wonder of Washi

Usually I have great ideas to do creative things, buy all the stuff I need and then never do it.

But for ages I have had two rolls of Washi tape knocking around and wanted to do something with them.

I LOVE Washi tape because of the colours, patterns, prints AND the fact they all look so nice altogether. It comes from the words ‘Wa’ meaning ‘Japanese’ and ‘Shi’ meaning ‘paper’  to describe the traditional method of paper making.

Also, it goes back to my days of obsessing over stationery at school with my friend Catherine. We loved it so much we would plan our new pencil cases and stationery theme of the term during school holidays. Who am I kidding? I still LOVE stationery (Ikea has some GREAT notepads by the way).

Anyway. Digressing.

Now you can get Washi tape in loads of places including Etsy, independent card shops (I got mine in Post Mark) and on specialist sites like this.

So I saw this picture and thought it could be perfect in the baby’s room – where the walls are sloping and you can’t hang a picture:

Image via Cool Mom Picks
Image via Cool Mom Picks

Houses – could not be easier, right? So I copied it:

My Washi tape houses (and the baby's head)
My Washi tape houses (and the baby’s head). Coat hangers from TKMaxx.

Yeah, they are a bit wonky but who really cares? I want to add the Ferm Living star stickers over the top of the houses, when they finally launch in the UK that is.

There are hundreds of Washi tape ideas out there – including gazillions on Pinterest.

Check out this lovely idea for a family tree, made entirely from different rolls of tape:

Image: Hearth and Made UK
Image: Hearth and Made UK

And for a low-tack, no commitment race track, this is pretty cool:

Image: Le Jardin de Juliette
Image: Le Jardin de Juliette

A neon stripe on a white wall makes an instant style statement. Plus, you can move them as often as you like without it damaging the paint work.

Here are some others I love:

Washi tape craft ideas
Washi tape craft ideas

*And look, I made it through the entire post without making any reference to being wishy-Washi. Well done me.


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    I spotted a few cute rolls at the V&A museum shop today. It’s catching on!

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