MMM: Cara v Coleen; a high-BROW guide

Forget the new season clothes – the biggest trend at London Fashion Week was bushy eyebrows.

And it was all thanks to power browed supermodel Cara Delevingne, who has walked in almost every show this season, including Burberry, Chanel and Stella McCartney.

For years we have over-tweezed, plucked and waxed our eyebrows away, but it seems fashion is currently embracing a strong, thick browed look.

Cara Delevigne
Cara Delevigne
The original bushy browed babe, Brooke Shields
The original bushy browed babe, Brooke Shields

Of course, not all celebs welcome the Brooke Shields look.

Katie Price is one and another, it seems, is Coleen Rooney who prefers a thin, tapered brow darkened with semi-permanent make-up.


I was guilty of over-plucking until I discovered the wonder of threading, a beauty practice which ensures perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

A cotton thread is used to remove excess hair, as well as pulling out every single hair by its root leaving a cleaner, symmetrical finish.

Most department stores now offer brow bars, where you can be threaded for around £17 although if you live near an Asian community, you can often find salons that will do it for under a fiver.

But for around £400 (!) you can go for the Coleen – which is where a dye is injected under the skin, using a needle that works like a staple gun. But it isn’t like a real tattoo as it won’t last for ever and is not injected quite as deep. Eeek.

Coleen and her eyebrows
Coleen and her eyebrows

I love Cara’s naturally strong brows.

Speaking exclusively in this week’s style issue of Look Magazine, Cara says she is naturally blessed with her brows, only touching ‘the bit in the middle. I have to, otherwise I’ll have a uni-brow. But I’ve never plucked or threaded them. To keep them in check, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel.”

If you’re dying to do a Delevigne with your brows, it is possible to make yours thicker.

Make up artist Lisa Sloneem says, “To ensure your brows are more Cara than Coleen avoid using an brow pencil which will give you a hard waxy line.

“Instead choose an eyeshadow that compliments your hair colour and with a soft angled brush apply small amounts of the shadow following the natural arch of your brows and blend blend blend.

“I would recommend getting to a makeup counter such as MAC – explain the look you are trying to achieve and ask for help choosing the right colour eyeshadow and getting the technique down before trying at home.”

If your eyebrows are sparse from over plucking in the past, you could try a growth-boosting product such as RevitaBrow, which has been proven to make brows look thicker and fuller in 60 days.

Or for a cheaper option, rub in a drop of Nourishing Brow Oil.

Leave well alone for a couple of months and then let experts at a brow bar thread them into a neat, symmetrical shape – done.


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    wish i could grow out my brows like that! gorgeous

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