MMM: Chic clouds

There is something about clouds which makes them a stylish decor choice for kids.

Image: Babiekins Magazine
Image: Babiekins Magazine
Image: Eau de Nil
Image: Eau de Nil
Image: La Factoria Plastica
Image: La Factoria Plastica

Such is my love for them, I could probably do a cloud post once a month (I won’t, don’t worry).

I chose this Farg & Form blind for my little boy’s room and am constantly looking for the perfect, not cutesy, but still child-appropriate cloud wall stickers for the funny sloping walls in my baby girl’s bedroom. These Love Mae ones are contenders.

Here are some other lovely cumulo-nimbusy things I have found:





  1. Zara Kids
  2. Eloise Renouf
  3. HoKiou
  4. Hello Milky
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    Looove these selections !
    Clouds are v cute, something uniquely innocent about them 🙂 x

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    Just lovely who minds a few drops of rain when they are as cute and pretty as these!

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      I know! I just love the simplicity of them, gorgeous!

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