MMM: Meets Nomita from ebabee

One of my favourite blogs is the beautifully curated Ebabee.

Written by London-based former advertising executive Nomita Vaish-Taylor, the site features her gorgeous finds from around the world for children, whether it is room inspiration, clothing lines or decor ideas.

Nomita – who is mum to Anya, 4 – has a real passion for vintage pieces and started Ebabee as a fun way to share some of the beautiful things she was finding for her daughter.

Here she talks to MMM about her own design ideas – and gives us a sneak peek into the way she has designed daughter Anya’s room.

Nomita and daughter Anya
Nomita and daughter Anya


Your inspiring picks on your blog ebabee have a definite aesthetic. How would you describe your style? At heart I am very much a less is more kind of person. Simple, clean style always gets my vote. Fuss and frills just don’t cut it with me! But when it comes to kid’s rooms, I’m not a fan of minimalism. I like lots of colour, lots of things on display and mixing and matching without any rules.

What did you have in mind when you started designing your daughter’s bedroom? To be honest, I didn’t plan and create mood boards and do all the stuff you should do. It just evolved bit by bit as I added stuff I found and liked and this is what we ended up with but it’s still not finished as I keep adding, changing and tweaking! Anya’s room still doubles as a guest room and a bit of spare room as we house our books there too. So we had to work around this and try and make it fun for her but also functional when guests came. I love wallpaper and knew I wanted a feature wall in her room. So that was really my starting point. Once I found the wallpaper {which I loved}, the colours were dictated from there. Yellow is the dominant colour with lots of white and hints of turquoise and pink. But I’m in no way strict about the colour scheme… anything bright goes! We tried to re-use stuff as much as possible so the wooden boxes on the wall are old French wine crates {I haven’t yet decided if I will paint them or not}. The yellow desks were bedside tables in their previous life. We just removed the legs and my husband made that elephant mural to make it a bit more fun. I also love to buy bits and pieces from our travels to add to her room. Being Indian, I visit India often and have bought quite a few things from there with my favourite being that bull money box.

Anya's room: vintage wine crates make great storage solutions
Anya’s room: vintage wine crates make great storage solutions
Image: Nomita/ebabee

What do you actively avoid when it comes to nursery decor? Why? I would have to say anything too childish/babyish that your child will outgrow very soon. There is so much design out there that works for kids and adults alike. So I would always recommend going for something that is appealing enough for a small child but something they won’t outgrow in a year or two.

Anya's bedroomImage: Nomita / ebabee
Anya’s bedroom
Image: Nomita / ebabee
Anya's roomImage: Nomita / ebabee
Anya’s room
Image: Nomita / ebabee

Many people find it easier buying flat-pack or from chain stores for children’s rooms. Do you like any ranges currently on the high street? Are there any you could recommend? As soon as you mention the words ‘flat-pack’ the first mainstream store that comes to mind is of course Ikea. I have a big soft-spot for Ikea … who doesn’t?! I love that you often get great style at great prices. But what I love most about Ikea is that a lot of their kids and adults furniture is easily customisable. So you can get the basics and decorate it as you wish. I recently did just that when I needed a drop-down table and mini chairs in the kitchen for my daughter and her friends. Apart from Ikea, I’m honestly not a fan of most of the kids furniture you get on the high street as it all tends to be too modular and samey.

Nomita's customised Ikea table and chairs
Nomita’s customised Ikea table and chairs

(Customise your Ikea, just like Nomita. This is the table and these are the chairs. Orla Kiely printed wrapping paper from John Lewis, with the larger print on the table and smaller print on the chairs. Chairs were painted in Farrow&Ball paint and the table was covered with self-sticking plastic – done).

You have a love for vintage pieces. Where would you suggest people start if they want to inject a bit of vintage into their child’s bedroom? I would say their parents/grandparents home! Of course there are the obvious places like junk shops but there are also lots of online stores that now specialise in vintage for kids as it’s become a massive trend. My current favourite shops are Les Petits Bohemes, Desaccord and L’atelier du Petit Parc for vintage furniture, toys and décor. And for vintage wallpaper I would highly recommend Retro Villa who have the biggest and best selection I have ever seen.

Metal stars, from Les Petites Bohemes
Metal stars, from Les Petites Bohemes
Metal desk and chair, Les Petites Bohemes
Metal desk and chair, Les Petites Bohemes

What is the most inspiring nursery you have seen, one that you have featured on ebabee? This is very hard as there are so many I love. If I had to choose only one, I think the most unusual and creative {vintage} nursery would have to be this

Nomita's favourite nursery, as featured on Ebabee.
Nomita’s favourite nursery, as featured on Ebabee.

If money was no object, what three things would you love to buy for your daughter’s room? More space! Seriously that is my biggest wish. I have a passion for soft toys and I think I would buy the entire collections of Lucky Boy Sunday and Jess Brown dolls. Finally I think I might buy this bed as her next bed. I love the simplicity of it and I can just picture it filled with a load of cushions {or even those Jess Brown and Lucky boy Sunday dolls!].

Caravan Divan bed by Kalon, €499
Caravan Divan bed by Kalon Studios, €499

What colours do you think work best for a modern, contemporary children’s room? There are so many. But for a modern look I like lots of white with a hint of one or two bold colours. Alternatively, a black and white room with yellow accents can look striking and very modern. Finally for something a bit more unusual I love a touch of gold.

Are there any great new designers you have featured on your site recently that we need to know about? One of my favourite recent finds is Fanny & Alexander. They’re based in Buenos Aires and make wonderful clothes, toys, stationery and more. Sadly though, while they do ship internationally it isn’t cost effective. But I’m sure in time they will be sold in Europe and USA too. Another designer that I have fallen for recently is Hello Milky who makes bed linen and cushions for kids. I think a lot of kids bed linen can be too cutesy and fussy so it’s very refreshing to see a collection that is simple and stylish.

Fanny & Alexander productsImage: DesignMom
Fanny & Alexander products
Image: DesignMom
Toddler bedding, Hello Milky
Toddler bedding, Hello Milky

What other children style and decor blogs are your must-reads? I really enjoy Petit Poulou which is full of fun finds and inspirational ideas for kids.  I love looking at pretty interiors pictures and French by Design is a place full of them – mostly adult spaces but some cool kids spaces too. A place where I find lots of fantastic kids rooms many of which are vintage inspired is the deco section of Lait Fraise Mag.

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    LOVE this post! Such gorgeous things. Want to do the Ikea table thing too

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    Love her blog!! It’s one that I follow closely.
    Thank’s for this great interview!

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      Me too! Glad you enjoyed it

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