MMM: Meet the maternity guru behind best-selling book Mama Glow

If you are pregnant – or trying to be – it is time to get your glow on, according to New York’s leading maternity lifestyle expert and pregnancy guru to the stars, Latham Thomas.

Pregnancy might be about swollen ankles, constipation and morning sickness for many, but for Thomas it is about promoting a whole new lifestyle detox. In fact, she describes herself as Deepak Chopra meets Sex & The City.

Latham Thomas, author of Mama Glow
Latham Thomas, author of Mama Glow

In her first book, Mama Glow, the ‘bohemian-chic, tree-hugging, shoe-loving, vegan vixen and holistic wellness maven’ lays down her rules for a hip pregnancy, including regular orgasms and ‘weeding out the wackness.’

The book is currently Number 1 in its category on US Amazon – only fitting for someone who has worked with celebrities including Alicia Keys – who Latham’s currently helping get back in to shape post-pregnancy in preparation for her next tour.

Alicia says: “It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I become overly conscious of how much I only wanted to have positive things around me; people, food and energy! I also saw how easy it is to think of birth as a series of decisions that someone else is making for us. But we women are powerful and almighty and Mama Glow helps show us just how empowered we can be all the way throughout this glorious time in our lives!”

Alicia Keys, husband Swizz Beats and their son Egypt
Alicia Keys, husband Swizz Beats and their son Egypt

In the book, Latham shares her knowledge and experience as a health coach, nutritionist, yoga instructor and birth coach to help readers to look and feel their most radiant as they prepare for pregnancy, during and after the nine months.

Here she talks exclusively to MMM about life as a single mum to son Fulano, 9, orgasms and how you can get your glow on.

Mama Glow, by Latham Thomas
Mama Glow, by Latham Thomas


Congratulations on your new book, Mama Glow. What is the ‘mama glow?’ Can you define it?

Mama Glow is a certain radiance that overcomes a woman who is happy, healthy, and feeling fulfilled in her life. I associate the glow with lifestyle choices aligned with wellbeing, it can be witnessed in beaming bright eyes, vibrant skin, shimmering hair. Most of all Mama Glow is an attitude, a way of carrying oneself- owning your fierce power and femininity, and embracing the awesomeness of motherhood.

Why did you want to write this book?
I felt compelled to write Mama Glow because I didn’t have a guide to work with when I was pregnant. I was figuring it out as I went along. I want women to not only feel supported and empowered but mobilised to take healthy action in their lives and make choices aligned with a positive set of beliefs. I wanted to promote green living, I wanted to share a different story, one that wasn’t fear based or hokey, one that spoke to modern women living in big cities and in suburbs to address all aspects of their self care- in the kitchen, on the mat, and in their lives.

There are lots of pregnancy books out there, how is this different?
Mama Glow is unique in the layout, sections- before during, and after pregnancy, and then the information is grouped based on lifestyle focus- In the kitchen, On the mat, and In your Life- breaking information down into three sections making it easier to digest. It’s not just about the facts- it’s about you, taking a journey. I’m your glow pilot, helping to guide the process. In Mama Glow I talk a lot about the mind body spirit connection, but is also very grounded. I like to say it’s a little Sex and The City meets Deepak Chopra. It really addresses the needs of modern women who want to blossom during this transformative time- it’s a feel good book.

Mama Glow describes your pregnancy as something not many women will be able to relate to – hardly any weight gain, no fear during labour and no morning sickness! How would you respond to that?
Well, it’s a book that is inspirational and aspirational. I outline my experience but there are many parts of the book that address common discomforts and help women navigate those issues. I am presenting a new way of thinking, a new perception of the birth process. It’s about owning your glow- that is why I am guiding women to embrace their power so they can look and feel their most radiant.

How can women get on board with getting the Mama Glow? What are your three key pointers to women who are currently pregnant?
Get your Green on- It’s important to have a healthy, plant-based diet of whole foods with a focus on what I’ve termed “glow foods”, such as green leafy vegetables (kale, collards and mustard greens), for optimal wellness. These foods are loaded with nutrients and promote fetal development. Suffering from nausea? Try and work some lemon and ginger into your diet as well.

Get your OM on- I highly recommend yoga or other dynamic movement that will support your joints, muscles and needs of your changing body, and prepare you for the damands of labor. The great part about yoga is you can do it anywhere. It helps increase circulation, and can even tone the skin, not to mention the important benefit of peace of mind!

Get your GLOW on- Have personal time to focus on you. That’s right, be selfish! Take baths, get a massage, get your hair blown out and your nails done or do a facial at home. Relaxing and decompressing helps to reduce stress. Putting yourself first is one of the most important things you can learn while pregnant. When you learn to mother yourself you can be an amazing mother.

What have you learned from being a single mother to son Fulano?
I have learned that I could be self reliant, resilient, and smoking hot as a single mom. Being a single mom has been seen as a curse in our culture, but I see it as an empowering position and an honor. I am blessed to raise my son and be a positive example of hard work and thriving passion. I’ve poured all of my love into this little boy and he is soaring. I’ve learned to embrace love that comes into my life and that I deserve divine partnership and don’t have to do it all alone.

Latham and son Fulano, 9. Fulano is already an established DJ, who has played at parties including the DVF Gap Kids launch.
Latham and son Fulano, 9. Fulano is already an established DJ, who has played at parties including the DVF Gap Kids launch.

You have worked with lots of celebrities, including Alicia Keys and Rebecca Minkoff. What do your services cover?
Mama Glow is about supporting women as they explore optimal wellness. I offer nutrition counselling and culinary support, yoga- pre/postnatally, doula services, and events for women- expectant and new mums through our Mama Glow Film Festival and Salon Series platforms. I didn’t name my book after the company- I named it after the lifestyle- one that I live, I preach, and I teach.

You recommend ‘having lots of orgasms.’ Why does sex play such a key part of your teaching?
In short, orgasms help us to increase our fertility. You know that old adage, an apple a day….well it applies here too. When females climax the release of endorphins is very relaxing, it’s like a tranquiliser. Orgasms regulate your appetite and reduce cravings for junk food- so those of us who want cookies and ice cream all too often may be craving a different type of sweetness…in the bedroom. Orgasms can also help with pain and stress management. The uterus is a powerful player in fertility and gets a dress rehearsal for conception each time you have one. It’s also so important to get comfortable with every aspect of your body and be able to surrender- that’s required in pregnancy and labour too. I’m all about women discovering their glow power through pregnancy and part of that entails the pleasure principle.

Is there any advice you could offer to women currently trying to get pregnant?
Stop “trying” and start being. Now what do I mean by that- procreation, like any other natural process does not require thinking, planning or strategising- it’s really not about designing your sex life around when you are ovulating, it’s about practicing a lot with your partner, having a lot of good sex on a regular basis as a training ground to boost your fertility. With conception- its less about control and more about surrender, letting go, and being receptive, which happens when you relax and forget about the outcome, and focus on being in the moment. Embody the sexiness and have fun!

What is next for Mama Glow?
I’m coming to London! I will be hosted by Pippa Vosper of Harper’s Bazaar UK and founder of Maternally Chic and fashion designer Vanesssa Knox. I’m busy running my practice and keeping up with my busy son Fulano. We are working on developing consumer products, opening a center, serving more women… just spreading the glow. Mama Glow isn’t just a book, it’s a movement. We are about creating change with women and reclaiming our health, our bodies, and our power from deep within- our glow.

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