MMM: Necklaces for little ladies

If in doubt, throw a statement necklace at a simple outfit and you’re good to go.

I love them and would be pretty lost without the nine million I have.

But they’re not just for grown-ups. You can also find some accessory gems for the little ladies – either for dressing-up or for actual real-life.

Here are some I’ve found that to be honest, I’d quite like myself. Perfect for Christmas presents.

Glasses necklace (available in other colourways), Homako
Madame Monsieur necklaces, La Camille at Minikin
Madame Monsieur necklace, La Camille at Minikin
Wooden camera necklaces, Twig Creative
Bird necklace, Namhee
Fluoro locket, Atsuyo et Akiko
Fabric bows, Homako
Not technically necklaces, but how cute are these fabric watches? Specks & Keepings
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    I am in love with the Homako specs and Twig Creative cameras!!!
    Shame we only have little boys in the family at the moment! x

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