MMM: Kraft Works

I have only just started thinking about Christmas presents, a bit of a worry when a lot of my friends have actually completed theirs.

And every year, I try to pay just as much importance to the outside of the gift as to the inside. For me, it’s

ALL about the visual.

Which is why I often come back to the whole idea of brown Kraft paper tied with a festive ribbon or three. Mmmm, love it!

Stationery generally thrills and delights me, but none more so than this fairly utilitarian packaging, particularly when it comes with a splash of neon.

So while I consider actually buying some presents, here are some Krafty objects for others who love it as much as me.

Pink neon Kraft notebooks, €10 each, Les Miniboux
Kraft heart stickers, approx. £2.56 per pack, Knot & Bow
Kraft envelopes with hearts, approx £3.84 for 5, Ex Libris Journals
Thank You party bags, £3.20 for 12, Letter Kay
Kraft labels, £1.60 for 25, PAPERBlanks
Party invitations, approx £8.64 for 12, Girlingearstudio
Kraft notebook, £10, ohNOrachio


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    What gorgeous little finds!

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