MMM: Upcycling, painting and moving stuff

So, the baby is only 7-months old, I haven’t yet finished her room but I am already getting rid of furniture from it and updating.

But I am recycling, not spending out on new, expensive pieces.

At the moment, we are using a very nice, totally inoffensive Mamas & Papas changing table / chest of drawers that was handed down from her big brother. It’s cream, it’s useful, but it’s not what I want any more.

Long story short, we’re re-jigging the kitchen so a lovely Dutch painted cabinet currently housing the crockery will be surplus to requirements.

The baby is getting a bit wriggly for the changing table now, so I’m going to paint the cabinet and ditch the Mamas & Papas.

When it is all finally done I will post pictures of her room, promise.

In the meantime, here are some of my inspiration pictures.

All grey, again. Sorry.

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