MMM: The cutest dressing-up outfits

These are the cutest dressing-up outfits I have ever seen – with the Halloween styles ready to be shipped in time – if you buy right now!

Wild Thing Dresses, £38.28
Badger dress, £38.28, Wild Thing Dresses
Fox dungarees, £39.55, Wild Thing Dresses
Fox dress £38.28, Wild Things Dresses
Mouse dress, £38.28, Wild Things Dresses

And how about this one for Christmas?:

Robin, £38.28, Wild Thing Dresses

So gorgeous. Available here.

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    Sooooo cute.
    Want the fox dungarees for the Little Man……

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    Bethan Johnston

    I absolutely love these! I’ve been lusting after the Fox dress for my little girl for ages! She’s not quite old enough to make the best of it so I hope they’ll still be available when her birthday comes round in May.

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      I know, my little one is too small as well but I want them! Maybe buy now and put away!

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