MMM: Magnetic wallpaper and fairytales

When you think about it, magnetic wallpaper is a bit of a genius idea for children’s rooms.

Designer – and Central St Martin’s textiles graduate – Sian Zeng is inspired by fairy tales and has come up with a stunning range of magnetic wallpapers along that theme. Giant scissors and flying pig magnets give the whole collection a real Alice in Wonderland quality.

But at £248 per 10m roll, they’re not going to suit every budget (and certainly won’t decorate an entire room). Although if you love the pattern, a non-magnetised version is available at £65/10m roll.

Wallpaper, Sian Zeng

The whimsical woodland look is a real trend at the moment, so there’s plenty out there if you wanted to create it yourself.

Here are some of MMM’s fairytale picks:



  1. Little Baby Company
  2. The Modern Baby
  3. Seventy Tree
  4. My Haus and Elsy & Vine
  5. AlexandAlexa
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    These are stunning…!

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