MMM: Mum & daughter matchy matchy?

Launching today at H&M is the limited edition Fashion Family collection – a range of coordinated styles for parents AND children.

H&M Fashion Family collection
Image: H&M

Generally a MASSIVE faux-pas, dressing alike veers dangerously close to naff territory. But Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise do it, as do Jessica Alba and her eldest daughter Honor. So is it acceptable now?

H&M think so. And the collection isn’t pastel pink flouncy frocks either. There are some pretty cool pieces: metallic leather jackets, skinny jeans and stylish shift dresses for the girls. While for the boys, it’s all about the fitted bomber, skinny trousers and plain tees.

H&M Fashion Family Collection
Patterned jacket for daughter
H&M Fashion Family Collection
Patterned jacket for mum

But even so, are we buying into the mini-me fashion trend?

H&M Fashion Family Collection
Cream shift dress for mum
H&M Fashion Family Collection
Pastel pink dress for daughter

The brand have a video and the images above are taken from it.

What do you think?


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    Is it wrong that I really liked this mini-me collection!? Especially the women’s/girl’s patterned jacket.. I’m not sure I would ever go out the house matchy-matchy but it’s a very cute idea.

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    Mum at Heart

    I don’t think I would do this, but my sister in law in Australia definitely would! Its a pity that there aren’t any H&Ms in Australia. If I had have read your blog earlier I would have bought her and her daughters matching outfits and sent them to Australia as their birthdays are only 1 week apart. It would have been a really cute present 🙂

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