MMM: One frill too far?

Pelmet power shows no sign of abating for AW12. I spent hours on London’s Oxford Street this week and they were everywhere – on tops, jackets, dresses and skirts.

As previously discussed, these little skirty flounces CAN be super-duper flattering – particularly for curvy girls who want to showcase a tiny waist, or petite ladies who want to add the illusion of curves.

But, I have noticed a trend for the frilly hip pelmet (the Helmet?) which will neither flatter nor help anyone with hips.

Exhibit A, Your Honour:

  1. Whistles
  2. Zara
  3. Topshop

Dropped waists do not a flattering shape make, unless you are Alexa Chung.

The Whistles ‘Connie peplum’ version (above) is gorgeous, really soft grey felt jersey with leather piped detail. I stroked it for quite some time in the store, muttering to myself that with two pairs of Spanx on and a detox day in advance, it COULD be quite flattering. It is stunning if you have absolutely no tummy, not one inch to pinch and legs up to your armpits. Even the shop assistant looked a bit sad when she finally admitted it wasn’t the most flattering.

Amity drop waist dress, £199, Boutique by Jaeger
Limited Edition, £150, Topshop

So I am not sure what to make of this dropped-waist frilly hipped trend, other than to say I will NOT be wearing for the frill of it.

Thoughts? Let me know.

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    Dress from Zara is nice. Zara is one of my favorite brands.

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