MMM: Get creative with cardboard

You know the scenario. You’ve spent weeks deciding what to buy them, wrap it, wait with delight to see how their little faces react and then … they are more interested in the box it came in.

But actually, you can inspire young imaginations with a little bit of creative know-how and an empty box, i.e. if you can hold a pair of scissors and have some sticky tape.

I spotted this on one of my favourite sites, Handmade Charlotte and love the fact that while it is so simple (cardboard + washi tape), it creates a little dreamworld den. It is from a gorgeous blog called Emilie Sans Chichi.

Image: Emilie Sans Chichi
Image: Emilie Sans Chichi

And these wall boxes are actually made out of recycled Dairylea tubs  (also on Handmade Charlotte, via La Factoria Plastica). Click here for the tutorial.

Image: La Factoria Plastica

Baby Deco has even created step-by-step instructions for a box house. Genius.

How to make a box house
Image: Babydeco
Image: Babydeco

Here are some other cardboard creations that will fire up young imaginations – and maybe give you a bit of peace on a rainy day.

Cardboard rocket, £37,
Get creative and make your own grocery stall
Image: Apartment Therapy
Makedo ‘Find & Make’ London Routemaster Bus Kit, £12.99, London Transport Museum Shop
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    This has honestly made my day.

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    Oh merci beaucoup:))))

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    Cam Mille

    great ideas!!

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    Sandy Ferguson

    These are so clever and the kids will LOVE it!!

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    Rachel Faucett

    Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 Beautiful blog!

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      Thank you Rachel! I am a big fan of yours!

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