MMM: Modern Mum – Elle’s Executive Fashion Editor, Stacey Duguid

Elle’s Executive Fashion Editor Stacey Duguid is known to thousands as the author of  the ‘Mademoiselle: Confessions of an Elle Girl’ column, which ran on the glossy mag’s back pages for four years.

The popular page stopped in August last year when Stacey announced her pregnancy – in true fashion style – with an illustration of a ‘pretend’ pregnant Kate Moss, drawn from Vuitton’s S&M show. Her new column will launch in the December edition of the mag.

But at home, she’s mamma to 13 and a half month old Nathaniel  – and other half to The Psychologist, as she refers to him in her own blog From Tom Ford to Gina Ford.

Here she tells MMM about what you should definitely NOT buy post-birth, as well as highlighting her key picks of AW12.

Modern Mum: Stacey Duguid


  1. Stacey and 13 and a half month old son Nathaniel
  2. (left) The beauty products that ‘make me feel good,’ (right) Stacey
  3. Stacey in a recent shoot for Elle with her new Celine tote bag
  4. New Valentino shoes and the Givenchy bag she bought while pregnant
  5. A recent pic of Stacey
  6. (left) The perfect boyfriend jeans by Junya Watanabe and (right) everyday flats Stacey swears by from Vans and Nike
  7. Mummy and her boy
  8. Stacey’s toy dog she owned aged 3 and which Nathaniel now plays with ‘all day long’
  9. Her Acne ‘Pistol’ boots – ‘the best boots a mamma can buy’
  10. Nathaniel and Stacey at home


How would you describe your style? Has it changed since becoming a mum?

My post baby style was all about a size 14 Mamas & Papas jegging, a Clarks Velcro sandal and a bunch of jersey tent tops purchased from Topshop. (I’m crying on the inside). My ‘normal’ style is something I pretentiously call ‘grown up grunge’ (come on, I work in fashion, it’s allowed).

Basically I wear quite expensive clothes but still manage to look scruffy due to my feral hair, which never does what I want it to do and is too thin to be truly ‘chic’.

I love labels with female designers at the helm namely Vanessa Bruno, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Prada and Chloe. I tend to wear blouses with jeans, dresses with ankle boots and always wear a smart jacket over more casual things.

I’ve recently fallen for print and have moved away from black.

My style has changed slightly since I’ve had a baby and not in a way I could have predicted, I now push my look a little further than I would have done before, which I think is something to do with trying to reclaim my identity. Hang on a minute, I’ll ask the resident therapist what he thinks. Er, maybe not.

Elle’s Natalie with Stacey

Who inspires your look?

I have a quite a thing for Drew Barrymore and Amanda de Cadenet. Not in a biblical sense, obviously.

Do you dress completely differently out of work? What is your ‘off-duty’ look?

My off-duty wardrobe has caused a few sartorial meltdowns over the years, and getting together a good weekend look is a challenge for most women who genuinely have better things to do on a Saturday morning.

I’ve resorted to black skinny jeans, jumpers, Vans / biker boots and a smart Dries Van Noten mac I bought in the Liberty sale. I have to wear mascara off duty, I have see-through eyelashes, I am very upset with my see-through eyelashes.

I ‘save’ certain things to wear to work and wear my best clothes there whereas I prefer to be freer and more casual off duty. Heels and full makeup at the weekend? I’d rather relax a little.

Is there an item or accessory you couldn’t live without?

I just bought a Celine tote and I’m not sure how I survived before I had her on my arm; she carries a whole host of stuff and yet still manages to make me look a bit posh (but not as in Spice).

Stacey’s new Celine tote

How did you find your wardrobe changed when you were on maternity leave?

I put on five stone or around 35 kilos during my pregnancy so my maternity leave wardrobe was literally maternity wear until my son turned seven months. Stretch preggy-jeans, baggy tops, trainers etc!

By the time he turned eight months I’d lost around three stone so still couldn’t fit into my old clothes; I can’t describe how I felt when I looked at my old clothes, they literally looked alien to me as they had been made for a small child!

I have two oversized Margiela jumpers, one in navy the other dark grey, which I wore with stretch jeans. I put on makeup every day to stop me from feeling completely bonkers.

What practical style advice would you give women for the first few months after having a baby?

Don’t buy any new clothes. I bought an oversized sheepskin biker jacket from ACNE when my son was nine weeks old. It was £1,600. I tried it on for approximately five seconds then handed over my credit card. The following day I was on the phone to the store manager begging him to let me return it for a full refund. Ladies, you have been warned!

In your opinion, what are the most wearable trends for this AW?

I love the oversized necklaces that are all over the high street right now. Check out H&M for some good ones. They will quickly jazz up a simple, round neck jumper from M&S. Wear with a woollen cocoon coat from Jaeger and slim jeans – tres smart, non?

Stacey’s Prada necklace that ‘can cheer up any jumper’
Cocoon coat £360 from Jaeger (at John Lewis)

In which three key items should women invest to update their wardrobe for AW12?

Colourful, round neck knitwear from GAP or M&S, a black pencil skirt from REISS, a pair of print trousers from French Connection.

Yellow jumper £39.95, Gap
Sub Zero slim fit print trousers £82, French Connection (at John Lewis)

What three classic items do you think every women should own?

A good military parka because they work well at the weekend and never go out of style. A fabulous pair of earrings that can dress up even the most casual of outfits if you’re in a hurry. A pair of smart ankle boots, head to Clarks this winter as they’ve got this covered in such a great way.

Fur lined parka £95 Topshop
Macay Holly ankle boots, £69.99, Clarks

Which two high street stores do you think offer most to women who can’t buy clothes as regularly as they would like? Why?

House of Fraser offers a good range of product at prices that vary enough to be truly democratic. The Debenhams’ Edition range is fabulous. I particularly love the Jonathan Saunders collection this AW season and the prices are unbelievably good.

Jonathan Saunders for Debenhams Editions, £49


Leather jacket or parka? Parka – way cooler!

Blow dry or scruffy bun? Scruffy bun! (see previous grunge / feral hair comment)

Vintage or couture? Couture. Sigh. I can dream.

Chic or unique? Uniquely chic.

Fireman Sam or Team Umizoomi? Hummm. Peppa Pig?




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