MMM: New label love – Noé & Zoë

Be still my beating heart. I have recently discovered German label Noé & Zoë which basically has all of my most-loved aesthetics ticked.

Neon? Check. Stars and spots? Check. Really gorgeous bedding? Check, check, check.

New stock for AW is going online soon. Yum.

Pirate Lady
Image: Noe & Zoe
Bedlinen and cloud cushions, Noe & Zoe
Image: GDK is the new black
Noe & Zoe collection for SS13
Image: The JNR blog
Noe & Zoe clog collaboration with Tannhauser
Noe & Zoe bedlinen
Noe & Zoe SS13
Image: Motherhood Wonders blog


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    Caroline Pearce

    Oh this is all to to lovely! Literally heaven! Thanks for sharing, clever lady blogger! X

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