MMM: Donna Wilson v Colette Bream

I spotted the work of US designer Colette Bream on Room to Bloom, a really lovely children’s nursery blog.

Love the styling of the pictures, love the grey palette and LOVE that painted bed.

Colette Bream
Colette Bream
Colette Bream
Colette Bream

Her whimsical, nature-inspired pieces are a lot like that of British textile designer Donna Wilson – who I also love.

Both women are said to have been inspired by their grandmothers – both of whom were avid knitters. And nature is the basis for a lot of their work.

Donna set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of Art. They sold out so she built her business on the quirkier side of soft furnishings.

Colette started her Etsy shop when her daughter Skye was born because she refused to buy polyester or plastic for her nursery. She says her pieces are designed to fire young imaginations – which explains those animal tails.

Colette’s work is available on Etsy, while Donna’s work is sold online and in department stores across the country.

All images on left: Colette Bream
Prices from £11- approx £100
All images on right: Donna Wilson
Prices from £36
Donna Wilson
Designer Colette Bream
Image: Colette Bream / Etsy






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    very nice but remarkable similarities…

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    Wow, Colette’s work is such a direct and unashamed rip-off of Donna Wilson’s work whose designs have been well established for a lot longer. What a shame that Colette has such little imagination of her own that she thinks it’s okay to mimic and steal the IP of another artists hard work. I really respect Donna Wilson and would never buy Colette’s embarrassing rip off’s.

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