MMM: The cool kids alternative to Crocs

Finally there is a contender to take the kids Summer sandal crown off my personal pet-hate – Croc shoes.

Yes, yes I know they’re practical, but my God they ain’t pretty.

So when I read that cool Manhattanites are putting their children’s feet into Natives, I was intrigued. Apparently these are the shoes taking NYC toddlers by storm.

Native ‘Jefferson’ crayon yellow shoes, £27
Native ‘Jefferson’ shoes in green, £25-£30 John Lewis

Trainer in style – with the Jefferson style looking very like lace-less Converse – these bad boys are waterproof, comfortable and perfect for the beach and/or our monsoon Summer.

Native ‘Miller’ shoes £25-£30 John Lewis

Plus they’re available in gorgeous Crayola colours.

Available at John Lewis and Alex & Alexa, Natives cost from £25-£30.


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    flannery o’kafka

    I’ve tried to like them but I’m still not convinced…maybe in black or grey…MAYBE…

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      They’re SO much better than Crocs!

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    I’m not convinced either. Rubber shoes are a big no no for me, even if they come in cute colours…

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    SunKissed Sisters

    We share you sentiments about Crocs. And yes, these shoes are all over Southern California as well. They’re adorable, fun and colorful! But really, they’re rubber. Are they really that much different than Crocs?

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      No they’re not! I agree with you. But the Converse shape does it for me – and I can JUST about deal with that for mud / beach and sand-pits! Definitely nowhere else!

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