MMM: Cuff love

Jewellery is a toughie when you have small children. Jingling bangles will get on your nerves, costume rings are not a practical choice when changing 50 nappies a day and long necklaces aren’t a sensible choice if you’d rather not be garrotted while small hands grab at it.

Which is why cuffs are perfect. Comfortable enough to wear as you would a watch, cool enough to toughen up the simplest of outfits.

Dark Horse is a handmade jewellery label that has plenty to whet my magpie-like appetite. They have pieces that I’d wear to a party or a play-date with the kids. Layer it all on and don’t just reserve the sparkle for evening.

That’s Cuff love, people.

Molten Metallics cuff £39.50 each, Dark Horse
Glitter framed cuff £59.50 each, Dark Horse
Glint antique crystal cuff £89 each, Dark Horse
Deco geometric cuffs £117 each, Dark Horse
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