MMM: First Folk Clothing Women’s collection

Already a favourite of many men I know, Folk Clothing will be launching its first womenswear range for Autumn.

The debut range is a modern, confident collection of wearable, understated pieces which have really interesting details. In short, perfect for day-to-day, but quality – and quirky – enough to feel like a treat.

This isn’t a range that embraces trends, it just offers classics with a twist. Designer Elbe Lealman even uses the word ‘practical’ to describe the collection, saying they make sure they create the perfect shapes and then go to town on the detail.

Even style blogger supremo Susie Bubble is a fan, she hosted their London launch party last night.

I really love some of the pieces, which are starting to drop in-store and online now.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Gorgeous zip detail on the back of a simple t-shirt blouse
Yes it’s a granny cardigan, but who doesn’t love pom-poms?
Gorgeous knitted jacket to throw on over everything
Love the colour and love the cuffs detail
Simple coat
Gorgeous beading on this utilitarian parka
Wear as a dress or a tunic
Simple but stylish


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    Love it all! In fact, I actually bought the parka on Sunday!! Just waiting for some rain now to wear it..

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