MMM: Bitching stitches

Have never been able to knit. Have been taught so many times, mainly by my Grandma and mum’s friend Sonia, but I have never managed to retain the knit one /purl one mantra.

Maybe I should start going to one of those ironic/cool WI-inspired Stitch n’ Bitch classes.

However, I do have an appreciation for the wooliest of knits. I love knitted cushions, huge, chunky scarves and the gran-hidden-within does love a woolly cardi.

So I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that I’m not alone, with knitted furniture being a hot new trend.

At Bubble London, I noticed brilliant knitted chairs by the designer Melanie Porter

A stunning room-set with pieces by Melanie Porter

They are just gorgeous. Imagine them in a nursery or as a statement piece in a study or living room.

The ‘Harry’ knitted chair, by Melanie Porter
A bespoke nursery rocking chair and footstool by Melanie Porter

And Claire-Anne O’Brien‘s chunky knitted pouffe designs are like works of art in themselves.

Chunky knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

Spotted the work of Turkish designer Beril Cicek on one of my favourite sites, ebabee. These (slightly random) knitted pieces of furniture are not technically for kids rooms, but they would add a brilliant touch of Alice in Wonderland whimsy to one.

Knitted furniture by Beril Cicek
Knitted cupboards by Beril Cicek

Might take a while. Maybe I’ll start with a scarf.







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