MMM: A new yoga app for kids

Getting kids into exercise early doesn’t have to be hard work.
A new app created by mum – and The Sun’s book columnist Natasha Harding, 37, takes her own love of yoga to a child-friendly level.
Zak and Zelda is a short animated app designed by Natasha and was inspired after having taught yoga to adults for six years. Zak is also the name of her six-year old son.
Natasha and her son Zak, who inspired the name of her yoga app
Natasha says, “As well as teaching adults and pregnancy yoga I also teach children and know first-hand how much they benefit from yoga.  Children naturally do traditional yoga poses and their bodies are so flexible and agile that it’s something they’re naturally ‘good’ at.  Over the years a lot of parents have asked me if there were any poses they could do at home with their children and I thought combining the app technology with traditional yoga could work really well.
“I wanted to give children someone they could identify with so created two characters – and obviously using Zak’s name is lovely for both of us. I also wanted to use a girl too so both genders could enjoy it.
Zak & Zelda, the yoga twins
“Because children respond so well to colour and are used to smartphones from a young age an app seemed to be the ideal medium to use.  The idea of it is that it can be read as a story to the child or as they get older by the child – as well as teaching them simple yoga poses.
Zak and Zelda do the namaste pose
“Zak and Zelda Wake Up is the first in a series.  The next one is Zak and Zelda Go to Bed and then Zak and Zelda Go to the Zoo.  The ultimate plan is to release an app a month.”
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    yoga exercises

    its really great work and you are doing great by creating this app for children but here you not mentioned that how you are going to manage children abou yoga to know or to do . and what kind of effects it will gave to a child. i hope you will reply me . thanks.

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      Hi there, I didn’t actually create the app, I just reported on it. Natasha Harding designed it and her site is for more information. Thanks

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