MMM: Stuff your doodle

The title today is not a euphemism, but an actual, lovely brand.

Talented textiles artist Lucy Turner has developed her love of fabrics to create gorgeous gifts for imaginative little people.

Fife-based Lucy turns childrens’ doodles into 3-D forms using recycled fabrics. She LITERALLY Stuffs Your Doodles – hence the name.

Lucy Moose stuffyourdoodle designs

She founded her brand ‘Lucy Moose’ back in 2006 and after seeing the energy and creativity of her own children’s imaginative doodling, she started up stuffyourdoodle.

Some of the original doodles and final designs from Lucy Moose

Lucy says, “I create a pattern from the original doodle and hand-stitch the fabrics and embellishments, paying attention to all the details as they are really important, especially to children. The little things like the number of stripes on a cat or a wonky eyebrow on a dinosaur definitely count.”

Lucy Moose: doodle designs and her 3-D reproductions

She can work from a scribble, doodle or even a photograph. Prices and delivery times vary based on the complexity and required size, starting at around £80.

Check out Lucy Moose for more information.

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