MMM: Wet hair? Yeah, it’s TRENDY, OK?

So you know how you barely have time to wash, never mind blow-dry your hair these days? And you know how you convince yourself that the bouffant, frizzy look really DOES suit you?

What do you mean that’s just me?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Because forget everything you ever thought about blow-dries.

Yves Saint Laurent and Michelle Obama’s favourite, Jason Wu both showed off their SS12 collections -with the models rocking dishevelled wet hair as part of The Look.

Jason Wu SS12 (Chris Moore / Catwalking)
Yves Saint Laurent SS12 (Chris Moore / Catwalking)

The great news is, it’s really easy (‘You don’t say!’ – The World).

So here’s the harassed mum’s guide to looking cool for SS12, with wet hair:

  1. Have your luxurious two-minute shower, wash hair.
  2. Put your clothes on.
  3. Slick hair into low ponytail or clip your fringe back with a few obviously placed pins.
  4. Add some bright lipstick to show you mean to look like that.
  5. Leave the house.

Summer chic in a five-step programme.

You’re welcome.

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    flannery o’kafka

    good to know! I’ve been rocking different levels of this for years…since having children, I’ve had time to blow-dry my hair twice.

    I actually love the styling in the top photo.

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      It’s my daily look so I’m going to start saying it’s THE LOOK!

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    Janine Wisewell

    So your telling me, that yesterday, when I got caught in the rain but had no time to fix my hair, spent all day looking like scary Mary from the Dairy, I was bang on trend? YESSSSSS, Get in there!!!! At last
    Thank you, you are my Guru.

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