MMM: Pramometer – a genius new App to help lose the baby weight

I gave birth 12 weeks ago and it is really only now that I am thinking about starting to seriously lose the baby weight.

Una Healy from The Saturdays gave birth at the same time as me and depressingly, now has the world’s flattest tummy.

BEFORE: Una at 8 months pregnant. She gave birth to daughter Aoife Belle in March this year (REX FEATURES)
AFTER: Una at bandmate Rochelle's hen night last month (REX FEATURES)

Thank God for Beyonce, who has said she worked her ‘ass off,’ literally, after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy, by eating lettuce and pounding the treadmill.

BEFORE: Beyonce last November at 7 months pregnant. She gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in January this year (REX FEATURES)
AFTER: Beyonce last month at the Costume Institute gala (REX FEATURES)

But with a toddler as well as a newborn, there is NO chance of me getting to any local buggy fit classes.

So for all of us who can’t afford personal trainers, 24-hour nannies or chefs – there is now an answer.

Quite why no one has thought about this before is beyond me. But Pramometer is a new app that helps new mums take control and lose their baby weight.

Pramometer £1.49 on Apple store, or

Common sense suggests that pushing a pram every day will burn more calories than walking alone and this app turns your pram walk into a proper work-out.

Enter your weight, height, age, your baby’s weight (if you have two children, enter both weights) and the model of pram,  selected from the database. There’s a GPS so you can’t get lost, plus calendar so you can see how you improve fitness and speed day by day.

Really, it couldn’t be easier. Just push yourself to walk that little bit longer or a little quicker every day to the shops, round the park or just to get the baby to sleep.

And there is a brilliant story behind the Pramometer too.

After giving birth to a baby daughter Lydia six months ago, Ali Hall, Editor of the best-selling fashion weekly, Look, was hoping her Push Present would be at the very least a Chanel handbag or something similar from fashion photographer fiancé Giorgio Murro.

But no. Instead of luxury fashion accessories, self-confessed fitness freak Ali had already been panicking about fitting back into her pre-pregnancy frocks. So Giorgio created the app just for her.

The inspiration behind Pramometer, Look magazine Editor Ali Hall and baby daughter Lydia

Ali says: “When Lydia was born, I was so tired as the results of many sleepless nights that there was no was I could face a treadmill and to be honest I didn’t even fit into my gym kit!

“The Pramometer gave me the focus to take control of my weight. Now every time, I get out of the house with Lydia I switch the Pramometer on automatically and it makes me go the extra mile.

“I lost my excess weight in just 3 months whilst spending time with Lydia, rather than having to find someone to look after her whilst I exercised. I actually weigh less now than before my pregnancy. I can’t believe it’s been this easy!’

Ali and Lydia

I’m up and running with the Pramometer, which I downloaded from The App Store for £1.49. Check it out and you can let your baby be your personal trainer.


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