MMM: Sexy Nandals

I can’t do heels any more. I mean, I COULD if I had to. But I am out here stating for the record that I am a Fashion Editor who just can’t do heels any more.

So SUPER happy that flat sandals are in. Or, more specifically, NANDALS are in – the shoes that your Nana would be delighted to see you wearing. In fact, she would probably be wearing them too.

Alexa Chung is a huge fan of the Nandal. They’re not generally the sexiest shoe in the world, but by God your feet are happy in them.

Alexa Chung wears nandals (Photo by Scott Gries/PictureGroup)

I have been on a shoe mission this month replacing those (impractical platforms) I’ve ditched after having a massive clear-out of, well, everything I own.

And sexy nandals have been high on my must-buys. Not high, practical enough to run around in after the kids and sexy because they’ve got something a little bit extra to them.

Swedish Hasbeens are like the Marmite of the shoe world. You either love ’em or hate ’em. I never used to like them – and then I saw THESE:

Neon pink Hasbeens £110

They’re neon pink (also available in acid yellow, zingy orange or peppy green) and they are heading my way NOW. I’ll be wearing mine with cropped Chinos.

And the other pair I have just bought are the ‘Cartwheel’ sandal from Office – which again have the neon trim to make them look that little bit cooler:

'Cartwheel' sandal £38 Office

If you want a truly Nandal experience, check out the Clarks Originals ‘Kestral Soar,’ also available from Office.

Kestral soar sandal tan leather £49 Clarks Originals at Office

To get away with these WITHOUT looking like a fashion geek, you would ideally need to be rocking cropped skinny jeans, a Breton top and a messy bun.

And here are a couple of other pairs that are glamming up the gran factor.

Just remember to have a killer pedicure and paint your toenails in a ‘yeah I’m wearing nandals AND WHAT?’ colour.

I don’t know, we’ll all be knitting next.

Leather crossover strap sporty sandal £22.50 M&S
light blue ankle strap sandal £20 River Island
Felix gold glitter sandals £40 Topshop
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    Caroline Pearce

    I have got the neon pink ones and they are soooo comfy. I shows mrs F and she is sporting them too! I also Have navy nandles from asos which are tre comfy too!

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      I know!! It was you who inspired me via Mrs F!!! Loves xxx

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        Caroline Pearce

        Ohhh Cool I didnt realise! Defo like marmite Dan Hates them! X

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