MMM: Little birdhouse in your soul

In doing up my daughter’s nursery, it’s become obvious that I come back to the same themes over and over.

Anything bird (specifically owls) related, grey and polka dots or chevrons. Oh, and clouds.

It has actually become a lot girlier than I thought it would, but I am looking for a few sophisticated pieces that she’ll be able to grow up with.

I saw these amazing designs by Tamar Mogendorff on the gorgeous French website Smallable. The New York-based designer uses vintage fabrics and Liberty prints with mohair, tweed and linen to create birdcages and birdhouses. And I am a little obsessed.

No, they’re not cheep-cheep (sorry) but they’re so unique and beautiful it would be like buying a little piece of art.

Tamar Mogendorff designs, Smallable
Big birdcage with Liberty bottom and pink and salmon pink birds, £133.25, Smallable
Birdcage with polka dot bottom and green bird, £98.86, Smallable
Birdhouse in pearl print and pink, £141.84, Smallable
Birdhouse in green polka dot and white, £141.84, Smallable
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