MMM: Geometry + neon = A fashion match made in heaven

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Don’t know much about geometry, but I DO know that neons are a hot trend for Summer. Especially combined with a bit of a geometrical shape.

Adding a colour pop with jewellery is one of the simplest ways to do the look – and the least scary.

These bracelets by New York-based design duo Natalie Holst & Rachel Lee (available here at Oxygen Boutique) are my new lust-have. Want.

HOLST LEE Picture from Oxygen Boutique

I am becoming slightly obsessed by Etsy as you can find practically everything you would ever want on there.

There are some brilliant jewellery designers, where you can find one-offs and unique pieces that would definitely add something to your own wardrobe or for a stylish present.

Love the neon leather jewellery from Boo and Boo Factory and lovely Parisien Etsy shop Oelwein.

Here are some geometrical neon trinkets that will make you feel like it’s Summer, even if it is pouring with rain.

Neon geometric leather ring triangle kaleidoscope approx £11.37, Boo and Boo Factory on Etsy
Geometric wooden bead necklace neon pink approx £14.23 Oelwein on Etsy
Geometric leather necklace triangle colour blocking approx £26.53 Boo and Boo Factory on Etsy
Neon and geometric matte silver beads approx £15.79 Brooklyn Stars on Etsy
Wooden faceted beads approx £33 Solittletimeco on Etsy
Painted wood neon colourblock necklace approx £15.16 Totemcolorblocks on Etsy


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    Helen @ Baby footwear

    I love the leather jewelry. It is very eye-catching!

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