MMM: The house you’d own if you didn’t have kids

Imagine the small anxiety attack you’d have as the toddler lurches towards the pristine white sofas with chocolate-covered fingers clutching crayons.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why people with small children don’t have white houses. But if they did, mine would look like this.

Appearing in this month’s Living Etc, it belongs to photographer Paul Massey – whose work and houses appear regularly in the mag.

He has a definite all-white, shabby-chic aesthetic and has worked in all the homes I’ve seen of his – and I’ve shot in some of them too, as he hires them out as locations.

This one though, is special for another reason. It’s in Mousehole, a gorgeous village in Cornwall where two very good friends got married and where we had the most idyllic weekend.

You can also rent this place for the weekend and pretend you’re living a life free from plastic and Sticklebricks for a while. That is, if you have a spare £2500.

If not, take a look and be inspired. Maybe one day.

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