MMM: An apple a day

Have been a little bit obsessed with both Sarah-Jessica Parker’s Hamptons kitchen and its statement Enzo Mari ‘La Mela’ painting since I spotted the pics in Elle Decor.

Sarah-Jessica Parker's kitchen as seen in Elle Decor
Enzo Mari classic print La Mela

And it looks great in this children’s room too.

Child's playroom with Enzo Mari print (via Pinterest)

In fact, it inspired me so much that I bought this Bianca Gomez version for Number One son’s room from website French Blossom.


And I’m not the only one who loves an apple. Some celebrities even name their kids after them.

Here are some other gorgeously graphic fruity little numbers that are definitely good for your health.

Apple poster by Graziela at Little Baby Company
Apple Papple poster by Fine Day
Apple print by Winter Water Factory



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    It looks absolutely lovely on your son’s bedroom wall! So glad you like it 😉 xo from France

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      Thanks Meriem! I love it – and your website!

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