MMM: Crate Expectations

Trying to think of clever ways to store kids stuff in the new nursery is proving difficult as it’s a loft room so has eaves to contend with.

But in researching unique storage solutions, I have been totally inspired by these pictures – using apple crates.

Picture from
Picture from

My lovely friend Catherine, who runs Colporter vintage emporium is a massive apple crate fan and uses them for storage and planting. She can also get her hands on them if you want them for yourself.

The Matalan S/S show this year used apple crates to show off their accessories range and it looked great.

Matalans S/S show 2012

And there are plenty of other ways to use them:

Picture: Pinterest
Picture: Baileys Home and Garden

Cool AS WELL as doing your bit for recycling. Likey.

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