MMM: The coolest nappy bag?

I last posted on Friday when I thought there were three days left before I had a planned c-section. Hmm, I guess when it comes to childbirth NOTHING is decided! Our daughter made a surprise appearance in the early hours of Saturday morning and yep,

there was definitely no planned c-section. But she’s here and she’s gorgeous!

Now I’m back in the newborn saddle trying to remember everything I need to take out when leaving the house. That is to say, WHEN I leave the house. I am yet to surface.

My last nappy bag was from Blooming Marvellous, a gorgeous black patent design with a leopard print lining which sadly didn’t last the distance to baby number 2.

And while there’s plenty of choice in the nappy bag arena, not much tickles my fancy so
I’ve gone down the retro route and opted for a old-school satchel. Cooler? Yes. Practical? Hoping so.

This metallic beauty from Zatchels fitted the bill for me:


And next month (April) the company will launch their Leopard Fluoro range (a few of which are pictured below), priced from £113 for an 11.5-inch size to £138 for the larger 17.5-incher.

Expensive, yes. But would make a fab maternity leave pressie.

Or, just treat yourself. They will get better with age.




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