Festive Dressing: Maternity party looks

IMAGES: ROCKY BARNES | MISSENOCHA | ASHLEY GRAHAM | DANI REYES OFFICIAL One of the most popular requests for style ideas sent to me via my Instagram DM is for maternity and breastfeeding-friendly clothing. ALL IMAGES, US VOGUE FEATURING ASHLEY GRAHAM, GRETA GERWIG, CARDI B AND STELLA MCCARTNEY I have to say, I really enjoyed being pregnant – it probably sounds a bit silly, but it was probably the only time in my life when I didn’t feel self-conscious, so I really enjoyed experimenting with styles I wouldn’t usually wear, especially fitted, figure-hugging pieces. Read More

Festive Dressing: Party Flats

IMAGES: STEAL THE LOOK | VEN’S WIFE STYLE | FUNMI FETTO | BLAIR EADIE BEE Remember the episode ‘A Woman’s Right To Shoes,’ in Sex & The City? Carrie is invited to a friend’s baby shower and asked – under duress – to remove her shoes (‘but it’s the look!’) – only to discover they’ve been stolen at the end of the party. Read More

Festive Dressing: What are the best bras if you want to go backless?

Images from my collaboration and paid partnership with Triumph Lingerie Over on Instagram Stories (find me here), I asked whether there were any Christmas party style conundrums that I could help with. In case you don’t follow me over there, every Sunday I create a Styling Series – where I *virtually* style outfits or offer inspiration that may inspire you to put existing pieces together in a new way. Read More

Edited by Erica for QVC

In Spring 2019, my first collection for QVC launched. It was a big DEAL. HUGE. Eighteen months in the making, so many meetings, design plans, samples created, sent back, tweaked, so much excitement, finally released to, well, the UK! LOVE letters, Edited by Erica for QVC (sold out, but restocked next January) Mirror, Edited by Erica for QVC LOVE lights (sold out, restocked early 2020) | Rug | Cushions | Side table | Basket | Leopard boxes Seeing my products in your homes never gets boring! Read More