Kids Bussy Issie Rani (Liberty Art Fabrics) Cot Bumper Cover




Cotton: Cotton is a natural fibre of vegetable origin obtained from the cotton plant. The quality depends on its fineness, purity, shine and colour and especially the length of the fibres, therefore, the longer the fibre the finer, more resistant and regular the final thread. Cotton produces a very soft, fresh, flexible and breathable fabric. It is very resistant and can be used continuously since it tolerates repeated washing.

Linen: Linen is a natural fibre of vegetable origin obtained from the flax plant; it is a complicated and delicate fibre to weave and is therefore considered a high quality fabric. It is extremely fresh, breathable and very nice to the touch; it has no loose threads and is very resistant. It can be washed in cold water but should not be spun.

Ramie: Ramie is a natural fibre of vegetable origin obtained from an Asian plant. Ramie produces a breathable, shiny and very resistant fabric.

Wool: Wool is a natural fibre of animal origin, from sheep fleece. It is a thermal fibre that produces a soft material that is warm and it gives fabric volume and body. It is very long-lasting due to its excellent stretch and elasticity properties. As an absorbent fibre it intensifies colours and is naturally clean since it repels dust particles and dirt in general.

Specific instructions for caring for wool: It tends to become matted and yellow and, therefore, it is best to dry clean. When wet it is best to dry on flat surface after leaving to drip, since it may stretch if hanged when wet. Do not spin dry.

Mohair: Mohair is a natural fibre of animal origin obtained from the Turkish Angora goat; it is silky, smooth and regular. It is one of the richest fibres and when mixed with others it produces soft and full fabrics. Our mohair blankets are especially light and warm compared to other fabrics.

Silk: Silk is a natural fibre of animal origin that is secreted as a very fine thread by larvae (silkworms) to form a cocoon to protect themselves when transforming into silk moths. Silk produces a very smooth fabric, delicate to the touch and greatly valued for its shine and quality. It has high insulating and elasticity properties, it is hard-wearing and is easily dyed, producing very solid colours. It can be dry cleaned or washed at low temperatures, but must not be spun dried.

Wild silk is obtained when the silkworm breaks the cocoon, producing threads with characteristic roughness.

Shantung silk is produced in a specific area of China and is characterised by extremely knotted threads.

Cashmere: Cashmere is a natural fibre obtained from the finest wool. Fabrics with a percentage of cashmere improve in quality and the pilling effect (a raising of fibres produced by friction) is reduced. Using cashmere gives knitted garments greater softness and quality.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural fibre of vegetable origin that protects the skin since it has antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic properties. It is very breathable, making it a very cool fabric. The weaving process of bamboo fabric makes it extra-soft.

Zara Home Sheets

30s or Basic 100% Cotton Sheets:
Zara Home's 30s cotton sheets are woven with 57 threads and have a strong soft and shiny finish that produces a velvety and long-lasting texture. This is the perfect cotton for prints, guaranteeing continued good results after many washes. Our basic sheets have a great feel, giving a touch of softness to the skin.

100% Percale Cotton Sheets:
Zara Home percale cotton sheets are woven with 79 threads, which produces a very soft, shiny fabric that is of easy care and very comfortable. This cotton is perfect for sheets with embroidery, dyed threads and prints.

100% Satin Cotton Sheets:
Zara Home satin cotton sheets are our top quality range of bed linen. They are characterised by their shine and very soft 118 thread woven from very fine threads with long, fine and resistant fibres, giving your bed linen greater quality and elegance. Satin cotton shows off colours very well in prints but it also gives great definition to jacquard and dyed thread patterns.

Zara Home Down Duvets

Down is a natural product consisting in the feathers used by waterfowl to protect themselves from the cold and wet. The advantage of down over synthetic fibres is that it offers greater thermal insulation with less weight. Our duvets are made using two types of feathers, 90% down and 10% feather down.

Down: Down is the best quality feather, short and shaftless, which means that all its weight and volume to go to insulation, whilst the lack of shaft ensures more comfort.

Feather down: Feather down is a little longer than down, with a very fine shaft. It has the same properties as down but requires more weight to achieve the same results.

Zara Home Towels

Egyptian Cotton Towels:
Egyptian cotton is a variety of cotton obtained from plants exclusive to the Nile River Valley. Towels made from this type of cotton are very soft and very absorbent. In this type of cotton only long and very fine fibres are used which guarantees better quality and makes it very strong, as well as enabling a unique density of colours.

Velour Cotton Towels:
These towels have had the loops of the towelling weave cut at the top on one side of the towel. This creates a terse and soft sensation, bringing out the colours and giving the patterns greater definition. These towels are finer and more delicate than those with traditional towelling, as well as being very decorative, and they stay very absorbent, especially on the reverse side.

Cotton Towelling Towels:
Cotton towelling towels are very absorbent on both sides. Unlike velour towels, they are generally heavy towels, drier to the touch and more absorbent.

Carded Cotton Towels:
Our basic carded cotton towels are of the highest quality, since they remain very absorbent and dry to the touch. The cotton is carded to separate impurities from the fibres and to produce thick and voluminous threads.

Washing instructions for basic towels:
Zara Home recommends following the washing instructions for towels to care and maintain them. They are especially important for the first three washes, although they are valid for the whole of the towel's useful life.

  • Always wash towels following the care and washing instructions symbols on the label.
  • Always wash with a full load to protect the towels. Do not wash if the weight of the articles is less than half the washing machine's full load (2 kg.)
  • Follow the same instructions for tumble drying: dry with full load.
  • Always wash together with similar colours.
  • Use detergents that do not contain oxygen based or optical whiteners to guarantee that the colours remain the same over the product's useful life.
  • Use small quantities of fabric softener so as not to eliminate the towel's absorbent properties or make the cotton fibres too slippery.


Zara Home Tableware

Porcelain Tableware: Porcelain is the finest ceramic. The quality of the white clay paste, baked at 1,400º C, makes it very resistant. It is nonporous making its surface watertight. It is fine, light, sophisticated and elegant. Our porcelain is suitable for everyday use and is very resistant.

China: Very solid and warm. Manufactured at very high temperatures to make it very robust, it is perfect for everyday use. Made from a mixture of clay, kaolin and silica. It can be baked at up to 1,200º C. It is sensitive to sharp changes in temperature. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Stoneware Tableware: High quality and with a rustic touch that never goes out of fashion. It is a very warm and special material for your table. Made from nonporous clay. It is the heaviest type of ceramic. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Melamine resin: A hard and resistant plastic with a good finish for both children and adult's tableware. Can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, but not in the oven.

Zara Home Cutlery

18/10 Stainless Steel: The most common material used to make cutlery. It is versatile and functional and is the best option for everyday use, since it is the steel that best guarantees resistance and shine.18/10 Stainless Steel

It is made up of iron, carbon, 18% chrome (for strength) and 10% nickel (for shine after the polishing process).

18/0 Steel or Stainless Steel: Made up of iron, carbon and 18% Chrome (does not contain nickel). It is less shiny than 18/10.

Care instructions for our cutlery:

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It is best not to leave cutlery wet, especially knives, since hard water and too much lime can deteriorate stainless steel.
  • Do not use scourers or abrasive products since they may scratch the surface of the cutlery.
  • We recommend drying with a soft cotton cloth before storing since drops of water may leave marks.
  • Special care should be taken with knife blades, making sure they do not touch other objects, especially if they are silver.

Zara Home Glassware

Glass: Glass is a non-organic molten product. It does not contain lead. At Zara Home we offer top quality craftsmen’s made glassware from all around the world. With colours obtained from natural dyes and hand-cut designs, our collection is unique and of the highest quality.

Crystal: Crystal is transparent and colourless. It contains a minimum of 24% lead.

Recycled glass: Like glass it is a non-organic molten product that solidifies when it cools. The fundamental difference is that soda and limestone are added to the mixture as well as silica.

Zara Home Beauty, aromas

White Jasmine:
The floral freshness of this fragrance will captivate lovers essences’ lovers. This scent is made up of a bouquet of wild flowers with the evolving fragrance of jasmine and the floral freshness of lilies of the valley. A subtle blend of hints of green refresh this composition to give a feeling of nature and the outdoors.

Green Herbs:
Nature at home. This fragrance gives the cool scent of freshly cut grass along with a feminine touch of a bouquet of wild flowers and the delicate purity of lily of the valley that will help to create a clean and clear atmosphere, like opening a window to the garden when the lawn is being mowed.

Orange Blossom:
The eternal sensuality of orange blossom blended with citrus nuances of bergamot and subtle and transparent hints of honeysuckle transport us to the south where the fresh Mediterranean breezes reminds us of strolls in the gardens of Seville in spring. Airs of Cyprus, with its elegance and personality, bring out this fragrance and give it a special and exclusive uniqueness.

Black Vanilla:
This fragrance is made up of an original mix of flavours in which vanilla and praline are predominant; a delicate floral scent and vibrant citrus touches create an atmosphere of homeliness, peace and well-being. The comforting musk and more serene scents round off the composition and create an atmosphere of homeliness, peace and well-being.

Zara Home Objects

Bamboo: Bamboo is a strong and flexible material that is used to weave baskets of different shapes and sizes. It is best cleaned with a soft damp cloth, well drained and left to dry. It is suitable for the outdoors.

Seagrass: Is a fresh water alga with a long, fine and hard stem that is very easily dyed. It is not suitable for the outdoors. It is best cleaned with a soft damp cloth, well drained and left to dry.

Water Hyacinth: Is a fresh water floating alga, the stem of which is sun dried and then woven. The stem is thick, short and smooth. It is not suitable for the outdoors. It is best cleaned with a soft damp cloth, well drained and left to dry.

Rattan: It is a species of rambling palm tree; its fibre is ideal for furniture manufacturing or baskets since it is very resistant to sun and damp. It is easily cleaned with a brush and soapy water. Though with certain limitations, it may be used outdoors.

Horn: Material obtained from animal horns. Used mainly in small objects, decorative cutlery and plates, etc.

Bronze: An alloy of copper and tin, which can be heat moulded to obtain a variety of different types of shapes and figures.

Brass: Copper and zinc alloy.

Ceramic: When making ceramic the final product will depend on the type of clay used, the baking temperature and techniques employed. This material is very good for decorative objects with different shapes and reliefs.

Tin: Tin is a silver metal that is very resistant to corrosion. It is fairly malleable and so can be used in embossed pieces.

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Kids Bussy Issie Rani (Liberty Art Fabrics) Cot Bumper Cover

Cot bumper cover in 60 threads per cm² cotton with printed floral motifs on one side and small flowers on the other.
  • Reference:   48716421
  • Composition: 100% COTTON
  • 45 x 180 cm


Kids Cot Bumper Filling

Cot bumper filling in three pieces. Each part measures 60 cm.
  • Reference:   49014012
  • Composition: 100% POLYESTER
  • 45.00 x 60.00 cm
    crib bumper



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