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Apr 22 / Erica

Deconstructing the decor: The sexiest bathroom in London

photo 1

My current favourite place for meetings is The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn.

Yes they may do a mean avocado and poached egg breakfast (with added pistachios – yum), but the laid back, relaxed vibe of the place is what got me. It means you can just drop in, grab a little corner, use the wi-fi, order a coffee and check out their photography (blogger Laetitia Wajnapel recently showed off some of her work in their lounge area). read more…

Apr 20 / Erica

The perfect folk summer dress…(plus the versions I can actually afford)



For a fair few months I have been Insta-stalking a Ukranian designer called Vita Kin.

Her collection – called Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin – is based on Slavic traditional dresses and ethnic embroidery, but updated in luxe linen fabrics, embroidery and bold colour combinations, including neon pink.

Already spotted on the likes of Leandra Medine and Anna dello Russo, they are, quite simply, my dream summer dresses.

read more…

Apr 17 / Erica

My Style | Forget *that* suede. Meet the OTHER M&S skirt your wardrobe needs.


I’m not sure whether there’s been that much news about it, but apparently there’s a suede skirt at Marks & Spencer that has single-handedly brought the brand back into the heavyweight fashion arena again.

I jest – of course – about there not being much news about it because frankly, it’s been everywhere – and seen on everyone from Alexa Chung to Olivia Palermo.

But the waiting list for it is quite unprecedentedly long – and if you’re not on it now, nor have the inclination to pay over the odds on eBay, then I’m sorry to say this particular skirt may not be destined for your wardrobe.

But if you’re a fan of the textured skirt varieties, please can I draw your attention to another little number that I spotted in M&S the other week? read more…

Apr 15 / Erica

Coffee…and a new online accessories destination


A cuppa and the Icône Bracelet by Alpha Beta at Suite Hazen

While up at my parents for Easter, I met up for coffee with the founder of a beautiful website called Suite Hazen, which I loved so thought I would share.

The brains behind it is former fashion PR Lauren Walker, who describes the mix of jewellery brands, homewares and quirky gifts she stocks as a ‘cabinet of modern curiosities.’ And with statement pieces like the ones I’ve pictured here, she isn’t wrong. read more…

Apr 13 / Erica

Which totally tropical tribe are you?


Pineapple bed set, £9, Primark | Pink spotty pillow case, TK Maxx | Turquoise spot fitted sheet, Pip Studio at Amara | ‘Oliver’ bed, Feather & Black, sprayed in Rust-Oleum Mode spray paint in Pure Aqua (half the price on Amazon than at Homebase)


Pineapple or flamingo: which tropical camp are you in? Because you really need to be in one of them this season – both prints are everywhere. read more…

Apr 9 / Erica

One Quick Trick: Work your scarf like a bandana

photo 1

Hi! I had a few days free of blog over Easter while we all went up north to stay with my folks. And very lovely it was too – hope you all had a good one.

I had a lot of blog thoughts while away and have been scribbling things down in one of my many notebooks (true story, my stationery addiction is almost as out of control as my stripy tops / avocado on toast habit). read more…

Apr 1 / Erica

The Edited Updater: H&M’s cropped, flared jeans


Images: All The Pretty Things | Stylonylon | Stylememos | Rex | All The Dubio


As regular readers will know, I am all about a bit of great high street.

Yes, of course designer is amazing if you can afford it, but I love finding pieces that hit the spot sartorially speaking – without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of unusual high street bits out there – limited edition, the pieces not in every store, those bits that are a bit too ‘out there’ for the majority, so bought in smaller numbers. I know I live in London, so you’re probably thinking it’s because I have access to the bigger flagship stores, but honestly, if you know what you’re looking for, then online is where you can find most of these things.

Take H&M as an example. They’re doing some fantastic pieces this season.  But if their pile-it-up merchandising mentality is a little bit too much for you to navigate, either in store or online, then follow my shopping advice and keep on top of their ‘Trend’ section online (go to <Ladies> filter down to <New in> and then filter to <Trend>).

I found a pair of cropped, flared jeans there a few months ago and snapped them up, because they totally tap into that Seventies, Summer, wear-with-a-peasant-top vibe I want to be rocking this season.

They sold out almost immediately – and I guess looking at the street style above you can see why. Because every other fashionista worth her Stans found them too. All the pictures above show the H&M cropped flare. read more…

Mar 30 / Erica

A nostalgic trip to Newcastle with Barbour


The last time I was in Newcastle, I was graduating from University there. That was a looooong time ago.

But last week British heritage brand Barbour invited me back up for a special preview of their new season Seafarer collection.

The whole range is inspired by the family-run company’s South Shields roots, whether that be details taken from their old catalogues (see the image in my snapshots below) or the local landscape, including the Tynemouth ‘beacon’ which appears in the lining of some of their coats.

Members of the Barbour family and their team showed us through the collection, which sticks to a simple naval colour palette of yellow, white and blue – with some splashes of red.

As well as making me feel incredibly nostalgic (and old!), it was a fabulous foodie trip. A private meal at the stunning Jesmond Dene House one evening, followed by an amazing Northumberland ‘sharing’ menu created by local food blogger and chef Anna from The Grazer.

Here are some images of their new collection and my snapshots of a lovely, memory-filled couple of days.

read more…

Mar 25 / Erica

The interiors trend coming straight from the Seventies

Maybe it’s the current trend for all things Seventies, but one interiors fad has really warmed the cockles.

Macramé – that old school craft trend popular three decades ago – is back with a 21st century update.

image: Petite Passport

The Student Hotel in Amsterdam Image: Petite Passport

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Mar 23 / Erica

Finding a smart day shoe and working the flatform


Flat shoes are my new jam. Well, not even that new really. I’ve been freelance for a whole six months now so live in trainers or flat boots during the week when I am running around after the kids or racing into town for meetings. read more…

Mar 20 / Erica

Skincare SOS: My new day cream face saviours


The changeable weather isn’t half playing havoc with my skin. I am slathering (literally, SLATHERING) on the hand cream, nail oil, body lotion and face moisturiser in an attempt to stave off the cold air / warm air / central heating / wind effects on my poor old skin.

I’ve always looked after my skin (I never, for example, go to bed without taking off my make up), but have stepped it up a gear in the past six months. By this I mean adopted an actual regime of cleanse, tone, moisturise, night cream, oils – the works. Getting those first grey hairs really slapped it home that I can’t be taking it all for granted and actually people, there is WORK TO DO here.

So as I’ve nearly finished these products, I thought I’d give a little run down of the four I have been religiously using each day (I have extras for night, but will post about this another time). I would say I have combination skin, so I tend to get hormonal spots around my nose and chin where it’s a bit oilier, but everywhere else is dry to normal.

Using these four things have made a big difference to the texture and quality of my skin – it’s way more moisturised and those little pimples have become far less obvious. Warning: Extreme bare-faced skin close up below.


So. What are they? Well:

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift And Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (available at Feel Unique, but is now also stocked at Marks & Spencer)

Oh I love this. The texture is like that of an oily balm, which you mix with a few drops of warm water so it becomes milky and then apply to your face. It melts everything off and leaves my face feeling clean, revitalised and calm. This is a great wash for dehydrated skin and also for mature skin. Oh and it smells beautiful – hints of orange, neroli, jasmine, cedarwood and rose. It also comes with a double sided cloth – and can I just extol the virtues of the good ol’-fashioned flannel? I haven’t used one for YEARS, but have been doing so religiously to get rid of all the make up and give my skin a little exfoliate at the same time. Buy cheap ones from HEMA or Boots.

the_edited_beauty_savioursphoto 3

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic (available here)

I spritz this on straight after cleansing (usually while I’m cleaning my teeth) and it hydrates to give an extra layer of moisture. It contains rosewater so is great for sensitive skin – and it can also be used on aeroplanes to give your skin a bit of a freshen up.

Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum (From Feel Unique)

After the spritz of Dragon’s Blood (I know, awful name, great product), I pump a couple of drops of this Clinique serum onto my fingers and apply to my face (in an upwards motion). It sorts out all those pesky things like wrinkles, uneven skin tone and lack of radiance. Like most Clinique products, it’s fragrance-free, and it feels lovely. I have been really impressed by this.

photo 4

Emma Hardie AM/PM Moisturiser (available from Feel Unique)

Even though I use a separate serum, this lovely moisturiser has the benefits of both serum and moisturiser which you can use – as the name suggests – in the morning and at night. Lavender, geranium and peppermint essential oils (yummy smell) help revitalise the skin, plus it’s a light texture so easily absorbed.

Which skincare products do you swear by?


Mar 18 / Erica

Are you toting the bag shape of the season? Meet the bucket.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.01.47

Trench, Zara (similar here) | ‘Tilly’ jumper, Boden | Cropped jeans, ASOS | Leopard flatforms, Seven Boot Lane | Bucket bag, Atterley Road read more…