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Jan 28 / Erica

MMM {five star wednesday} Including the perfect wavy hair products




Doesn’t this look pretty? White Pompelmo Fresh & Uplifting Hand & Body Balm is a brand new product from The White Company and has become my working desk must-have (apart from the computer, obvs). I’ve had such dry skin so far this Winter that I’m putting little tubes of creams and lotions in every room to encourage the moisturisation! The fresh grapefruit, lemon and lime zesty scent of this one makes me think of Spring. Not bad when it’s minus two outside.




Handmade Charlotte

I love Handmade Charlotte’s beautiful blog. This was a gift wrap idea from over Christmas, but Charlie is coming home with party invitations almost daily at the moment and I am very tempted to try this! Read Charlotte’s tutorial here.






Fancy reminiscing over your rave days? Do it in style with these. And I am obsessed with the Anya Hindmarch leather stickers full stop.

Flatform plimsolls: Joshua Sanders at | Leather smiley face sticker, Anya Hindmarch X CHAOS FASHION





Last week I did a photo shoot for a lovely brand. It’s coming out online this Friday so I’ll post on Instagram when it’s live.

In the meantime, here’s a little sneaky peek of one of the shots, taken by my friend Julia from the brilliant Stylonylon.

Can you guess who the shoot is for?!




If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen I posted a teaser earlier this week about a new (to me) range of hair products that work perfectly on my slightly frizzy, very thick hair. I struggle with consistency, so whatever product I style my hair with can’t be too thin and runny (like oil) as it doesn’t do much on its own. Similarly anything too thick and my hair just ends up looking greasy. Anyway, meet my new hair hero – Kevin Murphy.mmm_kevin_murphy_hair_products


So, wash and comb through as usual. I’m currently using the Kukui Oil shampoo and conditioner as recommended by the brilliant Caroline Hirons which is great for people whose hair is prone to frizziness like mine. Then rub a few drops of the Young Again treatment oil by Australian stylist and hair guru Kevin Murphy. Think of this as your hair equivalent of a pre-moisturiser skin serum, it gives an intense blast of conditioner and protects it if you want to blow dry. It’s also got a great name, because frankly we’d all like to be a bit younger again.

I tend to leave my hair to air dry a bit (I tend to leave until after I’ve dropped the kids off at school, so it’s generally still slightly damp when I come back home) and then I use Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion. Scrunch a dollop (you don’t need much even if your hair is thick like mine) through the mid section and ends.

Once it’s dry, I use Easy Rider Anti Frizz Creme (which, by the way, smells AMAZING) to add that final bit of ‘don’t you dare even think about going frizzy’ control. It’s a treatment too, with added minerals and vitamins – I have no idea if this *actually* does anything, but I love, love, love the way it makes my hair look and feel. It’s wavy without going too ‘big’ (my pet hate) and it looks shiny which is difficult to achieve when you have curly follicles.

Check out the entire range here. Could not recommend more highly.

Jan 27 / Erica

MMM {home} Copper crush

Currently drawn to anything copper or rose gold.

Shoes, home accessories, mainly jewellery – anything, so long as it’s got that pinky hue.

Plus, it looks gorgeous with different shades of grey as a backdrop.

Here are some on the lust list.


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Jan 26 / Erica

MMM {wears} A small sweatshirt obsession

Hello, my name is Erica and I am obsessed with sweatshirts.

Mainly grey, but occasionally navy and often printed.


TOP: Etre Cecile at The Outnet | Etre Cecile | In Neon

BOTTOM: J Crew | Isabel Marant for H&M | J Crew

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Jan 23 / Erica

MMM {weekend} Layering + texture

There’s something lovely about cold weather snaps. Apart from the bouts of flu, frozen toes and bright red noses that is. But wrapping up in gorgeous coats, jumpers and cold weather accessories has to be a good thing.

This weekend I’ll be making the most of textural layers – cashmere, leather and sheepskin all worn on top of each other instead of a big coat. Sticking to similar tones is a chic way to make a casual outfit look a bit more luxe.

Here’s how I’ll be wearing it.


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Jan 21 / Erica

MMM {five star wednesday} organising, shopping, making



Getting super organised with these acrylic drawers from Muji

Getting super organised with these acrylic drawers from Muji

I admit it. My wardrobe is overwhelming me. I have already taken two massive bags down to the charity shop and have packed a lot of other pieces up in the loft. What I need to read is this, from

And once that’s sorted, check out this wardrobe maintenance advice from my friends Laura and Petro over at Wardrobe Icons.

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Jan 20 / Erica

MMM {wears} Designer doubles you can afford

‘Designer doubles’ is a phrase which makes me cringe as I wrote about them endlessly when I was fashion editor for a national newspaper. Now I feel people have moved away from that ‘get the look’ mode of dressing and are much more about the individual sense of style.

But having said all that, this post is a collection of great pieces I have spotted on my shopping travels that I have been meaning to post for ages – and despite the fact they are designer doubles, they’re also brilliant in their own right and too good to ignore. read more…

Jan 19 / Erica

MMM {life} Getting organised with Betty & Walter (PLUS, GIVEAWAY)

I’m a big fan of a good pouch.  Toiletry bags, nylon carriers, clear plastic zip packs for the aeroplane, little cute cases for my pencils and other sundry items – you name it, I’ll find something to put in it.

My pouch collection: used for swimming lessons, the beach, days out, pencils, name it, I have a pouch for it.

My pouch collection: used for swimming lessons, the beach, days out, pencils, travelling…you name it, I have a pouch for it.

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Jan 16 / Erica

MMM {weekend} Ankle boots and cropped trousers

It’s been one of those full-on, child-wrangling, work-juggling kind of weeks this week. And I have to say, since giving up the booze for January, I am more exhausted than ever. How is that even fair!? Anyway, I am very pleased it’s the weekend.

I did an exciting shoot yesterday, shot by my lovely friend Julia from Stylonylon (more to come soon).

So while I had her, I totally took advantage of her brilliant photography skills by asking her to snap a few pictures of this {weekend} outfit.



Coat /Jumper (similar here) / Trousers / Boots / Hat / Gloves (similar here) / Rings, from a selection at Laura Gravestock, Accessorize and a stall in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar!

I’m a big fan of a cropped trouser mixed with an ankle boot. And I even love a cheeky hint of ankle and statement sock. It’s just the right side of geek meets normcore.

These boots are a bit of a winner too. From brand new label Air & Grace (they have literally just launched), the entire range has a special patent pending ‘Tender Loving Air’ technology – or more specifically, three layers of memory foam cushioning so they feel as comfy as trainers from the first wear.

Founded by Claire Burrows, who previously worked at Aldo, Kurt Geiger, Office and Fit Flop. She worked out that lots of women only wear a couple of pairs of their (vast) shoe wardrobe because the rest just aren’t comfortable. And she wanted to create shoes women love, but that they can also wear. As Claire says, ‘they’re like a running shoe wrapped up in a fashion shoe.’

Disclaimer alert, my Air & Grace boots were sent to me to try but I was instantly sold on their chic design and gorgeous, supple leather. They’re simple enough to go with everything, including skirts and dresses, but SO comfy. I wore them out as soon as I got them, no wearing in required.

I am a sucker for great packaging

I am a sucker for great packaging

Check out the rest of the range on their site here.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Jan 14 / Erica

MMM {beautiful} Learning to contour like a Kardashian

In the world of make up, it is fair to say that Kim Kardashian would win an award for services to contouring (Kontouring?).

Indeed, this beauty trick has been used by make-up artists for YEARS to slim down noses, double chins and create the ultimate in cheekbone – but since Kardashian posted this Insta-selfie, contouring has gone mainstream, with specialist kits and cosmetic enhancers.


Just before Christmas I was invited to a contouring masterclass by Athena

London’s newest beauty boutique, photographic studio and make up academy.

A destination for beauty junkie – the salon’s in-house academy offers masterclasses in make up and hairstyling, including half-day courses hosted by leading beauty industry insiders or you could even take it further with extended courses.

Keen to learn the secrets to chiselled cheekbones (and losing the double chin), I went down for a class with the fabulous Sandra.

Here’s the step-by-step guide I learned – and which I have been doing myself all party season! read more…

Jan 12 / Erica

MMM {home} Giving my bargain sofa a new lease of life

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love soft furnishings. Give me a gorgeous cushion, duvet cover or any kind of textural throw and I’m in my happy place.

Bright pink chair from the Boden press day last year.

Loved this bright pink reupholstered chair from the Boden press day last year.

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Jan 9 / Erica

MMM {weekend} The day-to-night sales buys I’ve invested in

Despite the fact I work in fashion, sales don’t really do much for me. I would never, just for example, queue up at 5am on Boxing Day waiting for the stores to open.

And even online, I might have a half-hearted scroll through, but, meh.

This year though, there were two pieces I’d had my eye on all season and promised myself that if they went into the sales, I’d snap them up.

And they did! read more…

Jan 7 / Erica

MMM {beautiful} Fighting the frizz

I love writing this blog for many, many reasons – mainly because you are all so lovely, actually bother to read it, write emails, leave comments, follow me on Instagram and tweet me.

For all this I am extremely grateful.

And recently I have had many emails asking me – of all things – about my hair.

Now considering I am going grey (this has been a recent thing – I blame my daughter) and left to it’s own devices it is naturally, well, a mess, I am very flattered.

Seriously, I fight with it to get it straight(ish) or if I want to let it dry naturally, have to apply several products to get the wave just right otherwise I look like Crystal Tipps.

However, I will happily accept the compliments (thank you!) and due to the many requests, have decided to write a post on my frizz-fighting hair products and tips.

As I’m not an expert, I’ve asked my stylist, Nicole Jackson, Director Technician at Taylor Taylor London (and freelance session stylist) for her secrets. Read on and all will be revealed! (PS my colourist is the divine Amy Nitsopoulos, also at Taylor Taylor. Not only is she amazing, but she’s also brilliant for restaurant recommendations!)



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