Getting a slice of the Beauty Pie (SPONSORED)


This is a post I have done in association with Beauty Pie, the subscription beauty service that gives its members access to luxury skincare and make up.

The founder is Marcia Kilgore – the serial entrepreneur and brains behind Bliss Spa, Fit Flop, Soap & Glory and Soaper Douper – who spotted a gap in the market for luxury beauty without the luxury price tags.

Effectively, Beauty Pie deal directly with the same laboratories that produce quality products for corporate beauty brands and then gives members access to those products at the price they cost to make.

I’ve explained more by filming this actual video (I KNOW!) and it’s here.

For ALL the details, plus information on all the products I have shown in the video, click here.

And if you use the code ERICASENTME, it will allow you an extra £50 allocation.


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