Finally being able to enjoy the garden! (in association with QVC UK)

Two years ago, our house had a very boring back garden. I haven’t really done anything about it before now, because, well, we haven’t had loads to show you since gardens take time to grow!

But this summer has been glorious so far – and we are FINALLY seeing the benefit of all those months of saving, designing and planting.

So let’s just go back for a minute, so I can show you how it used to look.

We knew we would change it all dramatically because there was just a patch of lawn and huge bushes taking up a lot of space and light – and there weren’t any borders or any planting colour.

We also knew we would be changing the conservatory into part of the kitchen (you can read about that here) and thought we would be ready to start on our garden straight away.

But no, because the money pot had run out!

Then finally last summer (August 2017), we had saved enough to follow through on the garden design we’d had in mind for a year.

This is how it looked once the garden had been ripped out and new plans laid.

The brief I gave our garden designers (the lovely Freear and Fitch) was ‘English country garden with cottage style planting – but done in a modern way.’ Somehow they managed to understand exactly what I wanted!

So from 2015 to today, it’s undergone something of a dramatic makeover – and we couldn’t be happier with our little south-facing patch. I work from home and will quite often sit and work at the kitchen table on my laptop with all the doors open.

Table and chairs, B&Q | Outdoor rug, Bundleberry for QVC UK | Faux peonies, QVC UK | LED Candles, QVC UK

String chairs, Bundleberry by QVC UK | ‘Barcelona’ firepit and barbecue, La Hacienda at QVC UK | Blue ceramic table, La Redoute | Faux fern in pot, Peony at QVC UK | Black leather espadrilles, Marc Fisher at QVC UK

For the past few months, I have been working with QVC UK on a paid partnership – where I select my favourites and create my own edit from their huge catalogue of product. Their home pieces are so worth checking out – as you can see, I chose quite a few garden pieces within my edit and they’ve really brought little corners of our new space to life.

I spend a lot of time sitting in the white string chairs with a cup of tea and a book – and now we have added the firepit which doubles up as a barbecue.

Plus adding the indoor/outdoor rug under the table really helps bring connect the living room to the patio, particularly when all the doors are open.

It’s just SO LOVELY finally being able to enjoy our garden in the sunshine!

This post was written in association with QVC UK, where I have included my selects from their product range as per my paid monthly partnership with them. But all words, thoughts and photography are my own work.

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