My Josh Wood hair experience – AND WIN A CUT AND COLOUR WITH HIS TEAM!

It’s taken me a while to find my groove with hairdressers.

For ages, I used to sit down in the chair, nervously laugh and say ridiculous things like ‘oh, do what you think best,’ or ‘I trust you, I’ll leave it up to you.’

I know.

This, as you can imagine, led to lots of *fun experiences* including an inverse bob (my hair is thick and wavy, it looked as though I was wearing a child’s fun wig), ‘layers’ – shudder, and very, very stripy icy blonde highlights that possibly weren’t that cool back in the 80’s.

More recently – mainly since I started growing it and started going very grey – I realised I needed to get serious. I don’t have time to be messing around with ‘trying out’ hairdressers.

My hair is thick, it’s wavy and it’s bleached – it needs proper care and attention. I needed to be in a hair relationship with someone who gets my style, who understands my hair and allows my precious few hours of sorting out roots to be calm, relaxing and in a lovely environment.

Enter Josh Wood and his Atelier.

The Atelier, set in a secluded cobblestoned road in Notting Hill, London, works as a hub for Josh Wood and his creative team of expert colourists, stylists and beauty authorities in residence. It’s West London’s most exclusive address, where stars like Elle Macpherson, Laura Bailey and Kylie Minogue rub shoulders with style directors and business women.

The space is really unlike any salon I’ve been to – and is used as a base for design collaborations, art exhibitions and an interior to reflect its ‘home from home’ philosophy. Hello dusky pink wall of tile dreams.

Clients can book in with some of the industry’s leading professionals who work alongside Wood.

Josh says, ‘for me, this is about trying to blend salon and session hairstylists together for the first time, as traditionally the two are clearly divided – but there are shared skills that can really benefit clients.’

I was booked in with Creative Master Colourist Melanie Smith. Her clients include Suki Waterhouse and supermodel Amber Anderson (and she was finishing a major bleach job for stunning LFW catwalk model Holly Fogg while I was there!), so I knew I was in the best hands.

And for my cut, stylist Jason listened to my desire to keep it long, although as a surfer who knows a thing or two about waves (in the sea AND hair sense), totally understood my hair’s texture. He could also see that there was way too much bulk going on at the back, but assured me that layering and thinning does NOT need to be all about shearing, chopping and frightening me.

Colourist Melanie completely got the fact that I do not have time to come in every six weeks for my roots, so chose a few different blonde shades that would cover up the grey, but wouldn’t look so contrasting against my natural dark as it grew out. In a nutshell, understanding that a little bit of root does not worry me, but a severe line of colour against my natural shade, does.

She says ‘I did a lot of foil work, bringing in lots of blonde pieces to try and break up Erica’s very dark roots. But we kept it multi-tonal, so it looks nice and natural and not so high maintenance.”

Josh Wood’s team are amazing, but you pay for that brilliance. Melanie’s prices start at £185, going up to £445, depending on which service she is booked for. Stylist Jason’s price is £110 for a cut and blow dry.

But, I am SO EXCITED to reveal that I have organised for one of you to win a cut / colour, whatever you like** with Josh’s team at the Atelier!

All you have to do is follow Josh Wood on Instagram (click here) and make sure you leave a brilliant comment on my comments section here as to why the Atelier should choose you for the ultimate in hair makeovers.

It’s the most amazing prize for someone and I am so thrilled to be able to work with Josh and his team in order to do it.

Good luck to everyone.

And remember, life may not be perfect, but your hair can be!


**There are a few restrictions. Your appointment will need to be made between Wednesday and a Friday (no Saturday bookings unfortunately). And the winner would need to visit the Atelier within the next three months.



UPDATE!! Thank you ALL so much for your hilarious, brilliant and very well deserved comments! I wish I could give you all the prize, but alas, we have one winner. Josh Wood and his team selected Lucy L. Congratulations Lucy and thanks everyone for entering!

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    Karen albert

    I would love to win this as I have a 9 week old baby. Nuff said! There’s only so much mum-bun one head of hair can take.

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    Aileen ONeill

    To say I need this prize is an understatement. I’ve recently had my third baby and my hair is completely in the doldrums, wondering if it is destined to spend its life dragged into a scraggly ponytail. Help me rescue my hair – let me win this prize!

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    Jade Elizabeth

    As a newlywed and first time mummy to my ten week old daughter, I have very little ‘me time’ anymore. With split ends and roots down to my ears, I would love the opportunity to do something for myself and get my prebaby confidence back. It would mean the world to me (and my husband!). ??????

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    Emma Hopewell

    Why do I need a hair makeover? Well to start with I had a very significant birthday last year and my mother passed away too so I’m kind of on a mission to get the most out of life and a hair makeover would be the icing on the cake!

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    If my hair looks great then my Summer wardrobe can be the supporting act rather than the Lead 🙂

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    I’m at my wits end with my fine, frizzy hair, having just had a big birthday and with 3 children, I need some serious expertise in the colour department to stop me looking dated! What an amazing prize x

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    I’ve been fantasising about visiting the Atelier – a LOT (interiors p*rn aside). I’ve been using the Josh Wood Shampoo, Conditioner & Root concealer from M&S among my arsenal of stop-gap saviours since my beloved colourist went back home to the States (since I lost her I’ve not dared to venture into a salon & have been desperately searching for ‘The One’). Even a Josh Wood magic blending wand isn’t hiding the fact that my hair is in desperate need of some real expertise & in the interim, I feel like I’ve lost a bit of myself along with the strands that I’m shedding with postpartum hair loss. I think that perhaps my hair IS my mojo & I’ve definitely lost it. I think you could possibly be my Fairy Godmother on this one, Erica. S xx

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    N Marsh

    Well you look fabulous! I think my hairdresser thinks that I should be settling into ‘the mother of the bride’ look in my dotage, despite her being fairly young herself. I, however, definitely feel more Debbie Harry, who at 71 has 20 years on me and is infinitely cooler! I try and tell my hairdresser that I am, in fact, Debbie Harry (sadly she is too young to know who she is!) not a ‘mother of the bride’ (I only have sons anyway) to no avail! Perhaps they might ‘get’ me at Josh Woods place – and I would strut out feeling like a rock chick and not like a 51 year old, middle-aged, suburban mum!

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    Little Brown Bird

    Having never dyed my hair before, I’d love a Josh Wood colouring expert to their hands on my locks and my emerging white and grey hairs. *old lady face* 😉 x

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    Saffron Ellison

    This is exactly what a miracle would be for me. I’ve not found a good hairdresser who understands my hair and what I need. And since becoming mummy to two small people I don’t have time or money to spend on sorting myself out to get the confidence back. Oh please Josh Wood and Erica save me!!

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    Ooooo! Amazing space. I got the Josh wood hair oil from m&s and it has transformed my ends. I have died my hair once and it was only ombre ? I’m like you Erica- terrified of the hairdressers after many a bad experience (fine hair but a shit load of it) and I just cannot find a hairdressers I trust!
    P.s you look fab & so happy!

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    I’d love to see if they can work wonders on my 50 year old hair!

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    I have spent the last few years going to a fantastic hair colourist who has managed to make my greying hair look amazing. Sadly he up and left his job a few weeks ago AND I AM BEREFT! And also my hair looks terrible.

    I can’t decide where to go to get it done so I’ve just put it off. Starting over with a new hairdresser is hard! It’s such a huge investment in time and money to end up feeling disappointed with the result. However I am starting a new job in 2 weeks so I have to get it done. Josh Wood sounds like an amazing place to get colour done so I would be thrilled to win this competition!

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    looks like they really understood your and your hair. Would love them to work their magic on my just 50 year old head! After amazing work by NHS I’m still here and fighting, would love to have an expert wield their magic wand on my locks.

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    Tracy Bennison

    I would love to win as I am 7 months pregnant and would love to refresh my do before baby arrives, so I’m feeling tip top in those crazy first few months! I’ve always wanted to visit Jose’s salon too, and your hair looks ace ❤❤ @tracylilibet x

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    Stacey Tuffey

    I’ve lost my hair mojo. I’ve lost all of the mojo actually, but having rubbish hair makes everything feel a hundred times worse than it is.
    I have four children at home, a husband who works away, a job I hate but am sort of stuck in (and have actually had hours cut and am down a LOT of money each month now). My hair used to be my crown, now that crown is made of thorns, and some sort of straw substance.
    I feel like getting that high of a really good hair makeover, plus a day to that there London by myself (eeeeek!) would really set me back on the right path, and give me the hair swishing confidence to grab life by the horns again, instead of being the bull.

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    Lucy L

    What an amazing prize! I’m absolutely desperate for a proper haircut and colour. I haven’t had a cut for over a year and have patchy grown out colour from home kits. Having a very hectic, full of energy one year old means I don’t get much time to myself… and I generally resort to the ball of hair on my head style (less ‘messy bun’ more ‘Miss Trunchbull’) I’m ashamed to admit I do sometimes go a few days without actually brushing it (normally the child has stolen and hidden the hairbrush) Please please help me, before I resort to putting cheese and mashed banana in my hair, this is what my toddler does and his hair is beautiful… xxx ?

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    Louisa W

    So desperately would LOVE to win this prize! I need a serious hairdresser to help me with my long doing-nothing Mum hair. It’s split, frazzled and dull looking and all I do is shove it up! I haven’t had it cut in 6 months (seriously shocking, I know) and I really would love a chance at sitting anonymously in the chair (usually have my hair cut by an acquaintance with lots of mutual friends who we then have to chat small talk about) and having a magical hair do at the end!

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    Because I don’t go a day without checking in on your outfits ,you provide me with a bit of escapism to my otherwise toddler filled days , i have also bought a lot of clothes off the back of your blog/ instagram and therefore can’t afford to get my roots done ? ?Xx

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    Sarah Johnson

    Since childhood when my mother cut me a fringe that started in the middle of my head to my teenage years when I had frizzy, voluminous 80’s hair two decades too late to today when I have crazy hair regrowth post baby. All I need is a good haircut and colour to sort me right out. A good hair day is a good day all round!

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    I would love to win this – I’m a secondary school English teacher and I live vicariously through fashion and beauty blogs. Although, as much as I would love this prize, I’d love to see my mum have this kind of treatment more (is that allowed?!) My mother is the most outstanding, deserving woman and unfortunately she lost her own mum this week. This would cheer her up big time!! X

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    Louisa Wren

    Wow, this would be amazing. What a treat! I’m so bad at prioritising time for myself and having my hair done. I think I get my hair cut about once a year!

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    Oh wow this would be a real treat for a first time mum with a beautiful 10 week old who happens to be suffering with reflux (i.e. screaming all night) and teething (I know double whammy right!!) which has meant a few tears and very little sleep for her parents!!! I also have roots which I should be ashamed off but I like to tell myself daily that I am rocking some kind of upside down balayage. Thanks Erica for the opportunity and fab competition!!

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    Fiona Murray

    Boom!! What a prize! I’m stuck in the long thick hair always up in a ponytail faze which has gone on for well too long, years. I’ve always wanted to be one of those, tiny tanned girls who can just get out the pool on holiday and look put together but instead I’m the one with a face full of hair which dries to frizz. Help! ✂️

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    I have had the most disastrous hair year!!! Having to go from a long blonde style (which I loved), to a short natural (brown) look after my hairdresser destroyed my hair. I’m also coming out the other side of the dreaded postnatal hair loss too. My disastrous (khaki blonde) colour has nearly grown out. This would be such a welcome treat at the end of such a bad experience.

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    I *SO* need this – not having had a decent colour since circa 2005 when I had my first bubba. Last year was a HUGE birthday, and having started a new business this year I would love to put on a more presentable image and this could make me feel brave enough to show my face in promoting the company! I’m 3 hours from London – but would love to get away for the day and be pampered for a few hours. Bliss.

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    When I was young my hair was so hard to handle and I always thought when I got older it would somehow be amazing! Unfortunately this didn’t happen and to this day I have always been at odds with my hair! Having a hair cut by someone who knows what they are doing would be amazing 🙂

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    I’m turning the big 4 0 in May and I have more grey hairs than you can shake a stick at, (as my father would say.) Getting a hair makeover is on the ol’ 40th bucket list, along with, owning a pair of fancy Louboutins, going to NYC and getting my first tattoo. Selling a kidney to pay for any of them is definitely not on that list, so any help ticking one off would be a total D- Ream!

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    I love that they’ve worked to give you a style (and colour) you can manage at home.
    I’m very bad at styling my very thick hair and am currently growing it out for my wedding in June so it is forever in a ponytail and colour has gone from blonde to a very boring mouse-y brown as I’ve just given up with it!

    I’d love to be given a hair make-over in time for my wedding day and just have the chance to be told what’s best for it. ?

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    Today my husband showed me 4 pictures he took of me sleeping last Sunday (little bit of an adult headache). I can truly say I had no idea how bloody awful I am looking having just turned 45 and then to top it all I accidentally turned my camera to selfie mode today and that was not a pretty sight either. To say I am having a mid life crisis of confidence right now is an understatement, I’m no supermodel but I didn’t think I was that bad. To have a fabulous “do” by a fabulous proper hairdresser would be pretty special for this mid life crisis ridden mother of teens.
    Incidentally, despite taking the photos my husband assures me I am gorgeous so all is not quite lost. E x

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    Sarah mayhew

    Well where to begin my hair has been fashioned into many styles and colours over the years trying to keep up with the never-ending changes in fashion however time is now well and truly not on my side with three children and very badly behaved ? ( she’s mega though!) most of the time it’s a choice between breakfast or a quick baby wipe to the face and a brush of the birds nest currently situated on the back of my head!! Recently I embarked on a home kit hair dye experience, let’s just say the out come was not quite the over all finish I was looking for, however I did manage to leave a key component out of the mixture! (note to self do not attempt dyeing your hair whilst looking after small children and juggling the cooking of a pie!!) outcome if you are still reading this ? a very burnt Chicken pie and two tone hair! Please help me??????? Or it’s off the the barbers for a grade 1!!

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    Caroline elvin

    This is the hairdressers of my DREAMS!! Having failed miserably over the last five years to find a hairdresser who can cut my shoulder length fine (but lots of it ?) wavy hair, I’ve now got ever increasing amounts of grey appearing at a ridiculous rate.

    Being a full-time mum, whilst at the same time re-training for a new career, I just don’t have the time or money to get my barnet properly sorted out. Winning this would boost my confidence, put a spring in my step and make me feel a little bit like me again!

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    I know an amazing 83 year old lady who needs a pamper she herself looks after two other oldies with dementia and cancer in their 80’s ! By lord she needs the pamper and that someone acknowledges her ! A generation that’s forgotten that needs some TLC ! She is amazing .

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    Leanne Eccleston

    Hi there Erica and Josh! I cannot tell you how much I would love to win this! I just really feel like this is going to be a very special year for me! Lots of exciting things are happening, I’m hoping to launch my own very cool business and I would love to fling open the doors with a beautiful new head of hair to match! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Thank you x

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    Wow!! This would be amazing. I am 6 months pregnant and also have a very active 21 month old so don’t get any time to look after my hair. It’s in desperate need of a makeover. I’d love the opportunity to be pampered before my baby arrived.

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    So I reckon this has me written all over it. I have not had my hair cut in a salon since Ronnie was born. Yep he is 8. Here’s the shocker. I’ve been doing it myself! I KNOW!

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    Bev Knox

    I turn 40 in four months – eeeeeeeek. I give birth to my third child next month – double eeeeeeeek. Please add some glam to my life, so it’s not all about shomit (sh*t and vomit). Ta very much. X

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    Clare D

    With two precious babes came a huge fashion rut,
    Fluffy hair growth that just mocked every cut,
    On Insta I glimpsed but a flat shoe of red,
    That lead me on through to the world EditED.

    And suddenly opened a new door of style,
    A lippy, some leopard and with it a smile,
    A potplant named Frank, staircase L-O-V-E,
    All at the hand of great Erica D.

    And I covet that hair, gleaming just as it should
    When touched by the masters who work with Josh Wood
    And I dream of that salon, and in rhyme I must plea,
    Oh Erica, Josh, please choose me me me me!

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    Crikey, your hair looks good. I lost all
    My hair a couple of years ago through chemo and it’s never been the same since (in a bad way). It was long, dark, thick, curly. Now it’s thin, fine and knackered. I’ve bleached it white, had a mohican (I know, I KNOW ?) dyed it pink, then brown, shaved in an undercut. Now, I’ve finally realised it’s time to get it together and get myself a lovely hairdo – once and for all. Help would be so much appreciated. X

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    I would be thrilled to win this! I have not had a haircut 18 months… ?

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    Jac Hardy-Heeley

    Hi Erica, mine is quite a simple reason… I’ve been longing to have a new hair style & colour. I always used to dye my own hair and never felt very wow. My 3 Daughters & 6 shifts each week consume all of my time. Oh, and if I get chosen, a day trip to London will mean I can visit my Sister too!
    Thank You x

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    Because I don’t even know who this woman in the mirror is anymore that’s displaying the odd grey hair on her head in her brow and on her chacha. I actually have a babysitter on Thursdays. My Instagram desperately needs pink tiles and I want swishy hair like yours!

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    What an amazing oppportunity Erica! I would love to win this, I am ashamed to say I haven’t had my hair touched by a hairdresser for coming up to a year! Disgusting, I know, but after losing a baby at the end of 2015, I managed to squeeze in a cut and colour to make me feel normal before getting pregnant again in early 2016. Because of the complications in the previous pregnancy I was a little worried about having any colour or treatments on my hair, then we moved away from West London and away from my trusted hairdresser and what with working full time during the pregnancy and now having a baby and a four year old to take care of, I haven’t actually managed to find a decent hairdresser in my local area. It doesn’t help that my hair is naturally wavy/frizzy and a little tricky if not treated properly (I am still traumatised by a disaster hair cut many years ago on my 21st birthday!). There are so many amazing stories here and I’m sure we all deserve to win this, but I would be absolutely over the moon if it was me and if I don’t win maybe it will give me a kick up the bum to get myself to the hairdressers before I start looking like Mrs Twit!! X

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    Charlotte Wilkes

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway. With the big 3 0 coming up I’d love a new look to hair swish the night away.

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    I would love to win this as a new mum to be all my spare cash is going on saving for my little bean and my husband has put his foot down….boooooo!!!xxx

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    Liz Jennings

    What an amazing salon experience and how fantastic your hair looked Erica! Oh how I would LOVE to win this!! My hair is having a complete identity crisis at present having not had any tlc for ages. I was supposed to have a cut and colour in November before my baby girl arrived but I was induced early and was in labour on my appointment day. Then (shock horror) this week, having finally figured out how to leave her for a long period of time with my mum to have my hair done I discovered my hairdresser has left the salon! I need some serious skills to salvage my barnet!

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    Amazing give away please can I be the lucky one! Please pick me I’d really love to have my hair done in your salon fingers and toes crossed!

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    Sarah Wyatt

    What an amazing give away! I nominate me! I’ve just had an operation on my foot and am bed bound and feeling rather frumpy and low. Could do with a bounce in the self esteem department and Josh Wood sorting out my colour just might be that boost!
    Thank you Erica and love the blog.

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    Such an amazing give away – I’m 33 and I’ve never coloured my hair ? !! I have a big event approaching for work and could really do with a new hair look – would love this!

  • avatar
    Vicky Lewis

    43 yo teacher with 4 kids. Knackered. Not loving this whole aging gig. Hair color is boring and the grey is a never ending Ffs. Would just love a LOVELY LIFT! And maybe stop moaning for 5. Before having a cocktail or two. And a little bit of shopping. And….. Sorry. Getting carried away with the whole fancy schmancy hair salon day thing.

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    Your hair looks fabulous Erica. Josh Wood has been on my radar recently, as somewhere I would love to have my hair done, after I saw another blogger looking fantastic following a trip there. I have been telling my children that they should save up and send me to a top salon sometime as a treat! With all boys somehow I can’t see that happening!
    My hair is very fine and snaps easily. It has never grown beyond my shoulder. I swim regularly which doesn’t help and working long hours nursing it gets neglected. I colour it myself and my cheap haircuts give me no inspiration. I want a cut and colour that reflects my bubbly personality not one that appears dull!! I long for waves instead of sticking to straightening constantly and this salon would just be perfect to help me achieve my dream and change my look.

  • avatar

    I have curly hair that all my life has been a bit of a nightmare… I have never really known what to do with it. I am getting married this year and would love nothing more than to walk down the isle with beautiful hair and be full of confidence. I stalk Josh’s Instagram like a hawk and dream of one day having him work his magic. It would be a dream for my wedding day. Please, please pick me! Xx

    • avatar
      Little Brown Bird

      Dee, hope you get picked! (I have curly hair too) Good luck 🙂

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    Beth Parnell

    I’ve never coloured my hair and I keep seeing amazing pictures of balayage hair, which looks the perfect look for summer. I need to go to a great salon and put my trust in a fabulous hairdresser who is a whizz at colour to give it a go! So, I’d love to win to visit this great salon and have the chance to try a new hair colour out! Beth

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    Miranda Melling

    I have thick, naturally curly hair and would love to embrace it but have spent the vast majority of my life straightening it. I am now forty with four children and have neither the time or the inclination so resort to the hair bobble every day! My daughter also has curls and more importantly than anything else I would love to be a positive role model for her. To feel confident about my appearance would be life changing.

  • avatar
    Rachel Gear

    I totally get your comment Erica about not having the time to be ‘trying out’ hairdressers. Ooof, so true! Like you, the greys are starting to multiply although I shouldn’t be too surprised as a 45 year old with a baby who has just turned one! My current colour is neither here nor there. It has no clue who it wants to be when it grows up, and I know it could be so much better if I was put into the right hands. And what an absolute treat it would be to visit Josh Wood and his team in that glorious space. Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Gosh, I’d love to win this prize. I have alopecia – it will take a while to develop, so while I’ve still got hair, I would SO love to have it look pretty. Fingers crossed.

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    I am so glad I came back from hols just in time to see this! I would absolutely love to win because it would be the dream to have this team looking after my hair. I have stopped 3 ladies on the street asking for their hairdresser details and they were all clients of Josh Wood salon! It is not a coinsidence!
    Thanks Erica!

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    Jane Charlton

    HI Josh and Erica. When your Mum, who has never said a mean thing to you in your life, says “you’ve got good hair, but you’ve not had many good haircuts have you?”, it makes you stop and think. And feel a bit rubbish. I would love to feel fab about my hair and let Mum see me with good hair! here’s hoping. X

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    What an amazing prize – my hair is massively thick (I have to tell all hairdressers to allow extra time to cut it) and wavy, has a tendency to frizz and would be grey if I did not dye the sh*t out of it on a 6 weekly basis which is loosing me brownie points, big time. Would love to be in the hands of some masters ??

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    Erica, your hair looks gorgeous, I adore what the J.W. team did for you! I’d love to win a new ‘do, too. After the worst haircut of my life back in October, I’ve completely lost my hair mojo and am uncharacteristically nervous about returning to the cutting chair. Entrusting my tresses to a proven pro would be the dream – but with a wedding on the horizon, my bank account won’t stretch that far right now. So needless to say, I would LOVE to win this one. Fingers crossed!

  • avatar

    When I saw your before and after I thought ‘that’s exactly what I need’. I NEED a luscious trip to gorgeous Notting Hill, a right old pamper and a proud selfie.

  • avatar

    Postpartum baby hair “fringe” – tick, wirey greys – tick, huge regrowth – tick, split ends – tick and the realisation that I’m returning to work next month! Ahhh, Erica and Josh I need your help to walk back into work a semblance of the person I was a year ago. If only as a way to distract from the baby brain and suggest some sense of professionalism.

  • avatar

    grey hair .. so many grey hairs … I’m a big fan of the Josh Wood blending wands which gets me through the last days before my colour and cut.. to be able to experience the real deal in Josh Woods salon would be an ultimate treat ..its an amazing prize x

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    Daphne McLaughlin

    Hey! So I would love to get my hair done in Josh Woods beautiful salon, however, I fully admit that my reasons may not be as valid as some of the lovely new mums above. My darling best friend always cuts and colours my hair, we have a long distance friendship he works in a lovely salon in Belfast and I now live in SW London. I have the worse anxiety about getting my hair cut because of a tragic event in my youth… Summer 1999 I was 11 and had my Kickers PODs and back back ready for the big school (secondary school) I had a new pencil case filled with gel pens and was excited for my new life (I’m from the country and had been assured the big school would have boys who were not related to me, a win when your from a tiny village). My mother unbeknownst to me at the time was convinced this new experience would certainly bring new friends and with those townie friends came headlice. So she organised for me to have “a short trim” in the local hairdressers. They even got me a coffee and a magazine, this was it! I’d gotten to the big time, people could already tell I was becoming a woman. There I was in the chair engrossed in Mizz magazine and the hairdresser put my hair in a ponytail and SNIP cut the whole thing off! Then she asked if I wanted it in an envelope?!? I was too shocked to answer, I sat paralysed with grief and sadness and big fat tears started to uncontrollably roll down my face. The sobbing got louder and soon everyone had fallen silent and stared. Apparently it wasn’t that bad, she just needed to “style it out”. I literally had a mushroom head. I have thick dark wavy hair that would never behave in a cropped cut. So then I went to the big school already a loser, destined to never take my eyes off a hairdresser again, thank goodness I met another lone wolf. A camp boy who is now my most beloved friend and the only person who does my hair. He will be in coachella not watching Beyoncé on my birthday this year so I’ll just wait to Christmas to get it done. So please! Pick me and help restore my faith in hairdressers.

  • avatar
    Sarah mayhew

    Who won?

    • avatar

      I announced the winner at the bottom of the post x

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