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Jul 3 / Erica

A million* ways with a G&T

* Well, almost.


So there I was, casually wandering the ailses of Selfridges Food Hall – which never happens by the way, I’m far more interested in their shoes. When suddenly, BAM, there it was. The most genius summer invention I have ever seen.

Gin & tonic ice cream. Yes! read more…

Jun 30 / Erica

The Edited Travels to … Mount Olympus


Think of Greece and think of whitewashed villages, brilliant blue window frames trailing with hot pink bougainvillea, beautiful beaches and sunshine, plenty of sunshine.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the Greek islands on several occasions and love their laid-back beach vibe, the spanokoptia, the rich, juicy tomatoes… yum.

I’ve visited the Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens and really, they both beg the question; what have the Greeks ever done for us?


The overwhelming sense of history is extraordinary and just seeing the Parthenon in the distance is an unbelieveable experience. read more…

Jun 29 / Erica

The Edited Updater: The striped chambray skirt


Skirt, ASOS (no longer available, see below) | Blouse, vintage (similar here) | Sandals, Marks & Spencer | Bag, M Hulot | Sunglasses, & Other Stories | Lila wears dress, TK Maxx (similar here) | Sandals, Angulus (similar here)


I actually have to thank my friend Katie for alerting me to this Seventies midi skirt on ASOS. She was having a pre-holiday panic and bought practically everything on the site in her must-do navy blue on a next-day-delivery.

Hers went back, but I totally copied her and snapped it up. It was the pleasing mixture of chambray, stripes and length that appealed to me – and I can’t have been the only one, because annoyingly (in particular for a couple of my Instagram followers, who are pleading with ASOS to bring it back!) it sold out really quickly. read more…

Jun 24 / Erica

I’m having a thing about… Beach ‘outfits’


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Chambray dress, Marks & Spencer (sold out online, but in sale so might be in store. Try this one)  | Chambray midi skirt, Eileen Fisher | Maxi kaftan, Boden| Clutch bag, Accessorize (last season, try this one) | Striped, tasselled sandals, Boden | Pom pom denim dress, Monsoon (last season, try this) | Porcelain print dress (below), & Other Stories

While in Greece last week, I tried something I have never done before – and that’s stick to a colour palette.

The neatly stacked piles in the image above are the basis of what I took – a mixture of blue, white, denim along with some pom pom accessories for colour and texture. read more…

Jun 22 / Erica

My Style | Easy summer evening dressing


I’m back! It has been a whirlwind week spent in the Mount Olympus region of Northern Greece (a The Edited Travels piece coming up later this week).

There is SO much to tell you about it, but while I get my breath back and write it up, I thought I would share one of the outfits I wore on my last night there. read more…

Jun 10 / Erica

My Style | The ultimate boho bargain top


Followers of my Instagram will know that I’m quite partial to a bargain. I LOVE finding little gems in TK Maxx for example, and I pick up a lot of bits for the kids in supermarkets, along with the weekly shop.

In short, I am not remotely snobby about clothes and think if something works for you, just buy it, whether it’s £2 or £200.

With all that in mind, please meet my new, embroidered, Mexican peasant-inspired top.

It’s a gorgeous tomato red, it fits and washes really nicely, costs just £18 and it’s from … SAINSBURYS.

Yes. read more…

Jun 8 / Erica

High | Low: The dress edit


LEFT: Beaumont Organic | RIGHT: Zara

read more…

Jun 5 / Erica

Five reasons to shop at … Finery London

To be honest, I’m always rather surprised that more people haven’t heard of online brand Finery.

But here they are, quietly producing some of the chicest – and relatively speaking, not that expensive – collections of the moment. read more…

Jun 3 / Erica

Deconstructing The Decor: Jenna Lyons’ iconic J Crew office

Image: Glamour Magazine

Image: Glamour Magazine

Most pinned office image on Pinterest? Must be this one, from the iconic office of J Crew’s Creative Director Jenna Lyons.

And with good reason. Her quirky mix of texture, print and love of layering translates as easily to interior decor as is does to style at the US cult brand.

There’s sheepskin, colour layered on colour (check out the solid orange keyboard skin on watermelon coloured desk), Moroccan rugs and classic chairs against a chaotic-meets-stylish backdrop of tear sheets and inspiration boards.

(And if you’re as interested as me, check out this amazing 360 panoramic of her massive office by Sam Rohn here, via The Fast Company). read more…

Jun 1 / Erica

My Style | Weekend uniform reinvented


Dress, ‘Uma’, Beaumont Organic | Gladiator Sandals, Topshop | Shirt, Topshop (similar here) | Long necklace, Z for Accessorize


My weekend wardrobe doesn’t veer too dramatically from my day-to-day look, which generally involves some kind of cropped trouser, a flat sandal and a nice top (damning my entire wardrobe with faint praise there).

And I am a creature of habit – if a certain thing is on my style radar then I tend to wear it again and again until I can wear it no more.

The khaki Topshop shirt (wearing in image above) that I bought last year is the current chosen one and has definitely been seeing a lot of weekend action. As a lightweight jacket, it is so useful – and until I find the perfect denim jacket it is doubling up as my everyday go-to for park trips, lunches out and even as a casual throw over a dress. There is a similar one in store at the moment which I have linked to above. read more…

May 29 / Erica

I’m having a thing about…really simple tan sandals

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 13.24.07


A recent little mooch around TK Maxx saw me throw about five pairs of sandals (including those above) into my trolley. Of COURSE I always grab a trolley – don’t you? Who knows what you might find.

Anyway, it became immediately apparent that I gravitate towards sandals that looks as though they have been made by a Greek leather artisan. Flat, two-strap, simple design and made from soft leather = massive footwear thumbs up from me. PS, I only actually bought the brown pair above as the dusty pink pair were too tight sadly. read more…

May 27 / Erica

Eight ways to pimp up your DUKTIG kitchen

little village

IMAGE: Little Village

One of the most popular design posts I’ve written was this, on some of the amazing remodelling ideas for IKEA’s DUKTIG play kitchen.

Along with the majority of my friends – we own this £65 kitchen, bought for Charlie’s 3rd birthday because it was simple and unisex, so perfect for him and his little sister.

As per usual, it’s still waiting to be pimped up – but I LOVE seeing how others transform them.

So by popular demand, here are eight further ways to revamp your DUKTIG. read more…